Sorry I'm just having too much fun with this thing, XML rules!
posted: 10:42 AM
Alright! I just discovered what I could do with blogger and my site, sorry if I sound like some newbie... this is so cool
posted: 3:49 PM

OK, i'm testing how much this can post
posted: 8:17 PM

1/1/03-Happy New Year everybody! I've worked on the gallery. Most of the pictures will now open in the same window,
however you can still right click on the picture and open in a new window. (The pictures hosted on GeoCities require you to press enter in the address bar)

12/27/02-Sorry about the lack of updates... I just didn't feel like updating, anyways I have new 2 wallpapers up in the Misc section of the gallery.
They were taken from Mainframe Ent. and editted so that the calendars were removed. Happy Holidays!

9/08/02- There is a new message board in order to add a little bit of interactivity here. Registration is optional.
Also there is a new ReBoot Rumours section. ReBoot fans want to know what's going on with regards to ReBoot. Do you have any info?

8/13/02- Sorry about the lack of updates, I just can't think of anything new to put up, if you got any ideas please email me using this form, thank you

6/19/02- Added the editted version of the June wallpaper (look under "Daemon in the gallery section)

5/09/02- Added the May wallpaper with the calendar removed (look under "Bob" in the gallery section)

4/16/02- Added the April wallpaper with the calendar removed (look under "Matrix" in the gallery section)

3/30/02- Added the email form again and fixed the gallery. Happy Easter!

3/17/02- Reconstructed the whole gallery so that it won't take ages to load. Added a few new images as well. Please tell me of dead links

posted: 8:22 PM

Ok so u may not notice much of a difference, but it makes MY job a lot easier, I'm surprised how I didn't discover this tool earlier!
posted: 8:37 PM
News @rchives

I got this voting booth off Bravenet.

Enter w/IE 5+

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