What are the Similarities?

Beast Wars, ReBoot, Weirdos, Action man, If you haven't noticed, all these shows were made by Mainframe Ent. They've made their shows similar, have you noticed? In case you still haven't here are some of the similarities.

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1.All of them had a chance of pulling doors open.
-Matrix pulling the door open in "The Return Of The Crimson Binome"

-Rhinox pulling the door open when they find "the ark" (I forgot what episode that was I think it was a part of "The Agenda")

2.Computerized (3-d)

3.Ray Tracer is a biting off Optimus Primal(or the other way around)because they both use surf boards for flying

4.MEGAbyte, MEGAtron

5.They end the same way.. Optimus and Bob both get blasted up by the bad guy.
Bob says "MEGABYTE!" while Optimus says "MEGATRON!"

Submitted by Mouse
6.They also both use the same kind of expressions(deleted, online)you know...computer stuff...

Submitted by Chaty
7.In the episode "Icons" Matrix blasts a virus shaped like a insect. The voice of this virus is like the voice of Tarantulas in Beast Wars

8."The Episode With No Name" , in the duel between Andraia and another sprite, the song is the same in another duel in "Coming of the Fuzor, part 1 and 2", a Beast Wars episode.

9. (A link to see who's doing whose voices) This is worth getting a look at

Submitted by Laurent
10.In Reboot's first episode of the first season, there is a space scene (in the game) and in Beast Wars' first episode of the first season, there is a space scene also.

11.Cyrus & Dinobot are both traitors

Submitted by Jamal

12. Bob and Optimus both change. Bob merged with Glitch in "Mousetrap" and Optimus returned to the Maximals as a transmetal in "Coming of the Fuzor" Optimus also changed into Optimal Optimus in "Optimal Situation".

13. The last episodes of Beast Wars and Reboot in Seaseon 3 are happy endings. The Maximals (along with Blackarachnia go home), Mainframe is rid of Megabyte and gets restored.

14. They each returned to their homes, The Maximals return to Cybertron, and Matrix, Bob, AndrAIa, and Frisket returned to Mainframe but it is damaged beyond their imagination then it gets restored.

15. There is a bit of romance in it. Bob and Dot finally kiss in "EndProg", Blackarachnia and Silverbolt kiss in "Crossing the Rubicon".

16. In some of the episodes in Beast Wars they use some of the lines from Reboot.

17. They both use parodies of other shows and movies(i.e. X-Files Power Rangers, James Bond, Bugs Bunny and Tweety show etc.). Especially ReBoot.

Submitted by ScuzzyBot

18. In the episode "Bad Bob" when all of the sprites are racing in the Mad Max game, the background music is the same as the main theme of Beast Wars.

19. The "thing" that attacked Hexidecimal and threatened Mainframe in the second season looks an awful lot like the satellite that threatened the planet in Beast Wars.

Submitted by Zed

20. In Beast Wars and Reboot the weaponry magnetizes and sticks to their hips.

21. Bob and Optimus both got through 3 forms. With Bob it is his guardian suit, than when he is degraded from exposure to the net, and finally when he bonds with glitch. With Optimus he is the plain old monkey, than he is a transmetal, and finally he is Optimal Optimus.

22. Mouse and Ray Tracer are in love, just like Black Arachnia and Silverbolt. Mouse and Black Arachnia were working for the bad guys at one time.

Submitted by: Meghan W.
23. On Beast Wars, Tigertron & Air Razor fuse to become Tigerhawk, and on Reboot, Megabyte, Hexadecimal, & that web virus thing fuse to become Gigabyte, and both Tigerhawk & Gigabyte are voiced by Blu Mankuma.

24. At the beginning of "When Games Collide", the background music is a piece that is used repeatedly in Beast Wars episodes ("other visits" & "the trigger")

25. Is it just me or does Cybertropolis look a lot like Mainframe?

26. The villain in each of the shows (Megatron & Megabyte) get a chance to rule their city

Submitted by: Mira
27. Both of them have a temporary love triangle (Blackarachnia, Silverbolt and Cheetor for Beast Wars. AndrAIa, Matrix and Ray for Reboot.)
Submitted by: Kac Frog
28. the green guys in Beast Wars (Rhinox) in ReBoot (Matrix) and in Weird Oh's (Eddie) are all really big (size-wise)
Submitted by: AndrAIa22
29. In the episode of "A Racoon And A Hard Place", when AndrAIa reboots as a biker babe, her white tee shirt under her leather jacket has the symbol of the Maxamals on it
Submitted by: Mike (king_ghidra)
30. In the Reboot episode "wizards, warriors, and a word from our sponsors...", they gave Mike the TV the same music as Silverbolt.
Submitted by: Kevin (macman8031)
31. In the Beast Wars episode "Bad Spark" that Silverbolt theme music is the same music used in Reboot's, "The Quick and the Fed", where there is a knights and damsels game. Silverbolt has the code of honor and chivalry of an Arthurian Knight.

32. that Enzo and Cheetor are almost exactly alike. They are both young and impulsive and are trying to impress their bosses. (Bob, Optimus) They also go through three stages with them becoming more mature with each process.
Cheetor- Normal, Transmetal, Transmetal 2
Enzo- Little Enzo, Guardian Enzo, Matrix
The last stage is also the most painful and hardest. In the last season, both finally understand their hero worship. Cheetor in "Feral Scream" and Matrix in "Mousetrap"

33. Blackarachnia and Mouse are similar to each other. Both are strong fighters and clever. Both were betrayed and they hate to be double-crossed. The only problem is that Blackarachnia is a double-crosser herself.

34. Both shows respective Wars were turned up a notch in the 3rd season. Reboot had Megabyte going to war with the system. Beast Wars had the Maximals fighting to protect the Ark.

Submitted by: WolfHowlN2
35. They've got big guns

36. The knight in shining armor-Silverbolt and Glitch Bob.

37. Both shows feature lunatics. Example-Hexadecimal and Tarantulas a.k.a. Chuckles.

38. Mostly male cast and not very concealing females. (See AndrAIa and Mouse's outfits and then check out Blackarachnia-see?)

39. Both have really cool guys. Matrix, Bob, Ray-Rhinox, Silverbolt, and Cheetor.

40. Hyperactive kids. Enzo and Cheetor. Green Kid and Fast Cat.

Submitted by: Guardian Shift
41. Near the end of both ReBoot and Beast Wars, someone 'felt whole' and changed sides. In 'Nemesis part 2' Transmetal 2 Dinobot said he finally felt whole, and in the end of that episode he joined Optimus' side. In 'Showdown' Hex told Bob she finally felt whole and joined Bob's side.
Submitted by: Mac Kravitz
42. In the episode with no name a rat-trap look alike sits down next to Matrix
Submitted by:Phylex
43. Hex and Blackarachnia were frist bad guys and then they turned into good guys
Submitted by:OsonoCrystalStar
44. Both have people that need plans before they do anything.(Dot, Phong, Optimus, and Rhynox)

45. Both have people that want to jet into action (Dino-bot, Cheetor, Enzo, and Bob)
46. Similarity between Action man & ReBoot:they've got boards, surf boards and zip boards.

47. In 'Enzo the Smart' they had a sports game with a stadium setting could this be a forshadowing of a creation of action man?
Submitted by: Terry Leighty
48. In the last episode featuring the original Dinobot, he sacrifises himself to save the valley in order to preserve the future. The same thing happens to Rob Cursor to save the future of his system in "Where no sprite has gone Before".
Submitted by: Darth Hiccup
49. The lackeys (Hack/Slash and Waspinator) get put "offline" quite often, but keep coming back.

50. Megabyte and Megatron both want somekinda powerful energy for their differant uses, IE: The tears and energon.
51. Aren't the trylobugs in Action Man (The Swarm), the equivalent of nulls in ReBoot? They even form shapes too. (Trylobugs-->Brendan...Nulls-->Nullzilla)
Submitted by: Hannah
52. The waitress in "Grey Matters" from Action Man and AndrAIa have basically the same eyes. Ever notice? Also, someone has to have an accent (Grinder, British: Mouse: Country)
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