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AndrAia is the latest and most dangerous kind of Game Sprite. She comes equipped with retractable paralyzing fingernails and a forearm-mounted cross bow, but her programming is her most deadly weapon: she's an Artificial Intelligence. Her programming allows her to learn and adapt to whatever surroundings and situations she may find herself in. Normally she would only exist within a Game, but she, being very smart, has figured out how to escape the Game. Enzo unknowingly carried her Icon out with him when he won the Game. Once back in Mainframe, Bob noticed the odd-looking Icon on Enzo's Icon. He touched it and she re-started. Although AndrAia would be feared within a Game, Dot, Bob and Phong treat her much like a baby, protecting her, because she does not yet understand the ways of Mainframe. When she is able to contribute in an adventure, she impresses all of her new friends with her natural skill and quick thinking. More than once she has been able to step in, just at the right time, and lend our heroes a sorely needed hand. AndrAIa may be smarter and quicker than every one in Mainframe, including Bob, but she is still new to Mainframe and she is only a young Sprite. She really thinks highly of Enzo - he is the reason she is in Mainframe. They befriended each other in her Game. Both were lonely and hoping for a companion their own age, whom they could play with. But AndrAIa becomes much more than that. Like Frisket, AndrAIa would risk her own safety to protect Enzo from harm. The fact that she's a girl makes no difference to her. Enzo does his best to fill her in on how things work in Mainframe. Often he has to "translate" what Dot, Bob and Phong explain to AndrAIa. This makes him feel very grown up and smart, but more importantly, he finally has a friend who understands him and sees things from his young perspective. During the Web World War AndrAIa gets a chance to help defend Mainframe along side of Enzo. After Bob is shot into the Web by Megabyte, she is the first to point out that Mainframe does have a Guardian, Enzo. After Mouse reconfigures AndrAIa's Icon from Game Sprite to ReBoot.

She takes Dot's place alongside Enzo in the Games. AndrAIa, Enzo and Frisket find themselves in a Game they cannot possibly win(The biter off MK one). Just before the User wins, Enzo reconfigures AndrAIa's, Frisket's and his own Icon to Game Sprite. This move saves them from certain nullification. But it also takes them out of Mainframe, with no way back.

They grow up together while Game-hopping from system to system, always hoping that the next will be home. AndrAIa loves Matrix. They are a team.That is the way they have survived.

She is beautiful, lithe and wise beyond her years.

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She handles a situation in true warrior form, by fighting first then asking questions. Matrix is her reason. She is well versed in all martial arts, and deadly with her retractable harpoon and finger nails.

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