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In the Super Computer, Bob was a top level Guardian program working to prevent unauthorized access and apprehend illegal entries. No one could get into his section of the Super Computer unless Bob "prompted" them through. Bob used to be a "beat cop" of sorts until he worked his way up through the ranks to become a special agent of the Super Computer Port Authority. And though Bob was at the top of his field, he was still just one of hundreds of sub-routines inside the populous and titanic Super Computer. But here, in Mainframe, Bob is someone special. A big fish in a small pond, Bob is like the big city doctor who finds a high demand for his services on the less traveled country roads. This new status makes Bob feel important and good about himself.

Everything about the Super Computer is faster than Mainframe, including Bob. In Mainframe, this translates into non-stop energy: Bob's always doing something, always initiating action and taking the lead. Basically, leaping before he looks. Bob is a hands on do-it-now, figure-out-why-later kind of guy. In an emergency town meeting where Dot announces Enzo is in trouble, Bob will jump to his feet, announce the solution, and storm out of the meeting all by himself - only to return a moment later to ask where exactly Enzo is. This speed also makes Bob the best gamester in Mainframe. When a Game Cube hits, the Mainframers want Bob in there. His make-it-up-as-you-go,fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants style makes him a deadly opponent in Games.

Bob is good natured, cheerful, and always one to laugh in the face of adversity. A sort of controlled panic that anyone who's ever survived the chaos of a higher level computer game knows too well. He's always making smart comments and quips during peace or panic. You could say he has a big mouth at times. He has an easy-going, fun-loving approach to life. Though he isn't intellectually superior to Dot or Megabyte, Bob has a quicker wit than most of the inhabitants of Mainframe, so that he's always making jokes that they don't quite get. There's a part of Bob that enjoys taking part in a Game or out-witting Megabyte: the brash, self-confident, mischievous, "hot-dogging" side of his personality. Although he can't resist showboating every now and then, at heart Bob is an ordinary working sprite with ordinary dreams. Maybe someday he and Dot could work things out and co-process a family. But that's a far off dream.

For now Bob is content to be Dot's friend and wait and see how things develop. Naturally, and, in Mainframe style, slowly. In between Games, Bob plots to undermine Megabyte's powers. Either by stopping him from taking over new territories, or helping the Sprites kick him out of old ones. This is delicate work though. Like removing terrorists who are sitting on the city's water supply, Megabyte functions in the sectors he's captured. Easier said than done. While working for the Super Computer Port Authority, Bob acquired a weird little tool known as Glitch.

made by Chris Hyduk using video capture

Glitch is sort of a computerized Swiss Army knife: it can change into whatever small object or tool Bob needs to help him out of a jam. It can be a buzz saw, a stethoscope, an umbrella, a can-opener, a screwdriver, a grappling hook; in short, anything. Glitch's only limitation is that whatever it turns into must be mechanical and more or less hand-sized. Glitch could not, for example, turn into a hot air balloon, a puddle of water, or an armored tank. And though Glitch is a simple tool, it seems to have a mind of its own - it doesn't always turn into what Bob wants or expects, but in the end, it almost always turns into what he needs. As a Guardian, Bob's function is to mend and defend. Compassion and bravery comes naturally to him. He likes to fight for the underdog. In the process of protecting Mainframe from the invading Web, Megabyte betrays Bob and shoots him into the Web portal. Bob has no Glitch, no protection from the hostile Web environment, and no way back. Somehow he survives, but by the time Matrix, AndrAIa and the crew of the Saucy Mare find him he has changed considerably, both physically and mentally.

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Bob tells them how he was rescued by the Web Riders, a band of mutated Net Sprites who helped him protect himself from the ravages of the Web. As he learned their ways, and their strange language, they came to look upon him as a leader. In order to escape the Web and return to Mainframe, Glitch(Bob's Guardian Keytool) volunteers to make the ultimate sacrifice. Bob resists, but he knows it is the only way to save everyone. He allows Glitch to download itself into Bob's own code,

made by Chris Hyduk using vid capture
merging them forever, and Glitch Bob is born.
from mainframe ent
from mainframe ent
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