"I am Daemon, I am not an entity, I am a time, my time is now, the Word... is Chron."
    -Daemon's last words in 'Sacriface'

Before the 4th season, not much was known about this virus... All we knew is that this virus has been infecting guardians (from 'The Episode With No Name')

            In S4, Daemon features in 'Daemon Rising'. She is the most malicious virus yet, infecting everything she touches (including Turbo, Mike the TV, Matrix, Andraia, and later the whole Mainframe city with the exception of Enzo, Frisket, Hack and Slash). Her function is to bring unity to the net. And with the supercomputer, and most guardians already infected, she is fully prepared to do just that. All she needs is a keytool that can access portals, however the keytools have separated from their guardians at the moment of infection. This is why she goes for Glitch Bob.

            She seems nice and harmless on the outside, but underneath that, she's strong and pure evil. She doesn't laugh maniacally like Hex, nor does she talk to herself about how wonder her plans are like Megabyte, however she can stop the hammer of a full sized exoskeleton easily with one index finger and her infected are fully loyal. This Chron Virus attempts to delete everything on the net, however her attempt was not successful as Hex sweeped the entire net with an antivirus.