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Dot is an irrepressible steady planner, a wise young lady who seems to layout everything in advance. She's tidy to a fault, organized, analytical, and thoughtful. Proud, independent and stubborn, Dot just plows ahead, day after day. Dot's function is to be productive and orderly, both in her activities and those around her. Dot is also an ambitious low-key entrepreneur, quietly dabbling in one business after another.

Her favorite enterprise is DOT'S DINER(now blown to smitherines)**, a favorite community hangout and gathering place. Like the "Cheers" bar, Dot's Diner is a home away from home for many Mainframe residents. It's also Dot's home base after a long day in the field, checking in with her various ventures, and helping neighbours. An ongoing joke between Dot and Bob is what business in Mainframe is Dot not involved in. Bob has yet to find one.

Dot also roams Mainframe, like a soldier ant, making sure everything is running smoothly. But Dot's no cold accountant. She wants to have fun. She wants her neighbors to have fun. She's very upbeat about her attitude, and is often seen cheering up her neighbors when they're down. Dot's brand of fun is not hyperactive or phony, rather it is understated, reserved, optimistic, and very competitive - like a professional whole-team oriented basketball player on the court scoring points and blocking shots and loving every minute.

Like Bob, Dot is a bit fearless herself. She doesn't like the Games, but if trapped in one, she'll roll up her sleeves and jump in to do her part without complaining. She has a deep sense of community and compassion others that makes her very protective of her neighbors. These combined make Dot de-facto leader/problem solver of Mainframe. Whenever there's a problem, you can bet someone will ask for Dot's help. She despises Megabyte for ruining the normal happy order of life in Mainframe and the Sprites he's hurt. She is dedicated to foiling him whenever she can.

Megabyte beware: the intelligent and deliberate Dot combined with the quick and impulsive Bob make quite the team. Their styles are bound to clash, and the two have been know to have their spats, but overall Bob and Dot have a deep respect for each other. Sometimes they even show signs of a romantic spark, but it hasn't gone beyond respectful flirting. Dot is a resilient woman. She is still optimistic and cheery despite her father's death and the annihilation of the twin city of Mainframe. Even during the Web World War, she was positive and confident. But as she watched helplessly as Bob was shot into the giant Web portal, she lost a piece of her heart. She never gives up hope that Bob is out there, and that one day he will return, but everyday takes a toll on her. She shows Megabyte no mercy.

S4 Teenage Dot

At the opening of season 4, we see this teenage version of Dot. She is so busy managing the construction of her new diner that she had forgotten to attend her father's presentation on the gateway machine. When she had remembered, it was already too late, the gateway machine blew up deleting the sprites in that area.

            Dot helped Welman prepare for the presentation by giving him sample questions to answer, and giving suggestions to him on how to make it a more understandable presentation. She had promised Welman to be there on the big day. However, the contruction of her diner took precedence. As a result, she can't help but feel guilty for not being there with him.

            Because of her selfishness, she has changed (both physically and mentally) and has become a more responsible sprite.

Slot (slut Dot)--I don't have a clue why they did this...ask mainframe ent...
Dot has a lot of trouble allowing Enzo to fulfill his role as the replacement Guardian - he is just a small Sprite. When Phong insists she stay behind to plan against Megabyte's next move, she begins to notice that Enzo has done a lot of growing up despite her. When Enzo, Frisket and AndrAIa are lost inside a Game Cube that leaves after the User wins, Dot can't help but blame herself. She has lost both of the men in her life, Enzo and Bob, not to mention Frisket and AndrAIa. Others would crumble under the weight of such losses, but it only makes Dot push harder, plan smarter and fight more fiercely.

from mainframe ent--Dot in the first game of SEASON3
*Character info Direct from Mainframe
**Dot's Diner has been rebuilt at the end of season 3 when the user restarted his computer