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Enzo is Dot's younger brother, a hyper active ten year old who's two pints of pure adrenaline crammed into one pint-sized kid. Think of Dennis the Menace - at 1000 RPMs. He's a whirling bundle of misdirected energy. What he's usually misdirected at is Bob. Enzo doesn't just like Bob - he wants to be Bob. He'd give his left node to come from the Super Computer like Bob, and he's always pestering Bob with questions about what it's like. But he doesn't just follow Bob around: he tackles him, and hangs on. Enzo is always following Bob into Game sectors and making a nuisance of himself with his bubbling enthusiasm and his complete lack of concentration, caution or practicality.

When Bob is trying to save a whole sector of the city, he has to take time to save Enzo. In terms of the computer, Enzo is a young copy.com program, whose function one day will be to make copies of files. No wonder he's so anxious to copy everything Bob does. After Bob is shot into the Web by Megabyte, Enzo does his best to fill Bob's shoes. When Bob downloaded his Guardian programming to Enzo, it was assumed that Enzo would attend Guardian training at the Super Computer. But now Mainframe is a sealed system. Enzo has to learn by trial and error. Phong was able to do some minor repairs to Glitch. Enzo can perform low level functions with it: scanning, stats and communications.

From mainframe ent---A picture of Enzo & Glitch In TO MEND AND DEFEND

In order to protect Mainframe, Enzo has to be smart. His only chance is to anticipate the Viral's every move, and stay two steps ahead of them. Just when he seems to be gaining the advantage over Megabyte, he, AndrAIa and Frisket find themselves in a Game they cannot possibly win. A biter off a Mortal Kombat game and the user is ZAYTAN, a huge devil guy. They are just not big or strong enough. Enzo makes a tough choice and reconfigures their Icons to Game Sprite. It is the only way to avoid nullification, but they leave with the Game, with no way to return to Mainframe...or is there?

**Character info direct from mainframe.ca