made by Julia_Cat
Frisket is a tough junk-yard dog, an alley stray who has adopted Enzo and Dot as his extended family. When the feral dog isn't roaming Mainframe, he hovers protectively just outside the door of Dot's Diner, watching the comings and goings. To everyone in Mainframe, Frisket is an unapproachable cur. He'll growl at any sprite who even thinks about touching him-except for Enzo. And if anyone tries to give Dot or Enzo a hard time, Frisket will let them know just how wild an animal he can be.

Frisket acts as sort of a big brother to Dot. If Bob has come to visit, and it's getting a little late, Frisket will subtly remind Bob it's time to go, by giving him a blood-curdling growl from the shadows. If anyone ever tries to lay a hand on Dot or Enzo at the Diner, Frisket will go crazy. Frisket's been known to snap just about anything in two with his powerful jaws. Frisket only bites something when he's serious about finishing things.

Frisket ends up leaving Mainframe with Enzo and AndrAIa when Enzo reconfigures their icons to avoid nullification. As the threesome Game-hop from system to system, feral Frisket couldn't be happier if it wasn't for how sad Enzo is to be away from Mainframe. Frisket comforts both AndrAIa and Enzo and eventually, even Frisket wants to go home.
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