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Hack and Slash were designed to be Megabyte's muscle machines.(They were bad guys before, but since Phong rebuilt them when Hex destroyed them, they are now good guys) They can suddenly bristle with weapons which mechanically telescope, extend, and unfold into shape. Unfortunately, they're so heavily armored that there isn't much room inside for things like brains. They have the combined IQ approaching that of a toaster oven.

They're almost unbeatable in a fight, but laughably easy to confuse. Hack and Slash are not only confused but confusing. Megabyte has never bothered to learn which is Hack and which is Slash. Neither have Hack and Slash, but they act like they know the difference. Having them tell you which is which only makes it worse, since they have a habit of stepping on each other's dialog. Listening to them is like watching a tennis game. Even they find it annoying. Often they end up fighting each other. It's important to note the Hack and Slash are never seen apart, nor do we ever make an absolute claim as to which is which. It will always remain a mystery. (*not quite hack is the red one and slash is the blue one, not that anyone actually cares..)

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