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Hexadecimal is another virus that has infected Mainframe. She lives in a warped section of the city called Lost Angles, a bizarre and dangerous island, a floating sector of Mainframe where logic is twisted beyond recognition. Lost Angles is hellish, with holes in the ground dropping to the sea below, skewed spires, and frighteningly, the greatest concentration of nulls anywhere. They literally drip off the walls here. The island can only be reached across the horribly distorted Guilded Gate Bridge - a long, scary suspension bridge that starts out normal, but then winds and twists its way to Lost Angles.

From here, Hexadecimal rules as the official Queen of Chaos and Malfunction. Her influence is strongest here and across the lowest levels of Mainframe, the dark and eerie places infested with nulls. But unlike Megabyte, Hexadecimal wasn't programmed to take over the computer. Like the real life "Leonard" virus, she's designed to disrupt the computer's functions. Her love is not power, but chaos. She's always coming up with schemes to make life in Mainframe more difficult. She would even destroy it completely, but that would mean that Mainframe would become very boring and predictable.

Hexadecimal has an array of masks with different expressions that she changes to suit her mood, or more often, the impression she wants to create. As a personality, Hexadecimal is difficult to track. One minute she has little emotion or outward expressiveness, the next she is crying or roaring in anger. And all of it has no rhyme or reason. She's a mess. Chaos rules her world and if you even attempt to figure out what she's thinking you'll go crazy. She is scary and dangerous in that she is completely addicted to chaos and confusion, even if its happening to herself. She is a kamikaze villain. Hexadecimal has the uncanny ability to exert some amount of control over the masses of mindless eating nulls. These mass herds of energy-sucking blobs slither along like inchworms, and feed like locusts. Hexadecimal is sometimes able to rally the null hordes into going forth to cause untold destruction. They are Hexadecimal's only real minions, unpredictable and difficult to control. Just the way she likes it.

Hexadecimal is a secondary antagonist who often stirs up trouble in Mainframe for both our heroes and Megabyte. A dislike for her attacks, and a healthy respect for the danger she poses, is one of the only things Bob and Dot share with Megabyte.

After Megabyte successfully disposes of Bob, Hexadecimal takes it upon herself to finish destroying the Principal Office. Megabyte tries unsuccessfully to stop her, explaining that the destruction of the Principal Office means the destruction of Mainframe. She is nearly destroyed when a Game Cube descends down onto the Hardware as she fires it, causing her to be electrified by the feedback.

Megabyte's scientists manage to salvage and rebuild Hexadecimal according to plans of Megabyte's design which include a restraining collar, which only Megabyte can activate.

Hexadecimal doesn't take kindly to being under Megabyte's thumb...not that she is anymore, that collar the Megabyte put on? Hex broke it.
In "Showdown" Bob fixes Hex's face
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and it looks like this..
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Sprite Hex

I simply adore children... but I could never eat a whole one.... It was a joke! I'm joking!
       -Hexadecimal's joke about Enzo in 'Sacriface'

When Hexadecimal registered a PiD, the icon held a viral scan, however Hex was too strong for the scan to work. After she used a lot of energy driving the infected guardians out of Mainframe, she was weakened and that activated the virus scan. The nulls were used for her protection, but when a game cube was landing, they fled, when the game lifted, Hex had now become a sprite!

        With Hex being a strong weapon of defense, she offered to turn back into a virus as she lost all her powers, however Bob advised her against it fearing the consequences. Hex was as normal as we've ever seen her, she had a sense of humour and didn't laugh miniacally. But when all hope was lost, she used the core's energy to turn back viral in order to battle Daemon one on one.

        Although she turned viral, and although she appeared to act like a maniac, she had not forgotten her love for the Mainframers. She offered to distribute the anti-virus to prevent the net from certain deletion-- even when she knew that it was a one way trip. She even left Welman's code with Enzo knowing that Enzo would miss his father if he was to never see him again.