Enzo, along with AndrAIa and Frisket, grow up while Game-hopping from system to system. He is now, in human terms, 22 years old. He is a renegade Guardian, having matured without guidance or a home. He and AndrAIa are in love. There is a quiet respect between the two of them. They have been through a lot together, not unlike people who have survived a war. He is very protective of her, as is Frisket. Enzo prefers to be called "Matrix", but AndrAIa still calls him "Enzo" or even "Sparky". She teases him, saying the only reason he wants to be called "Matrix" is because he thinks it sounds cool. Matrix has never forgotten not being strong enough to win his last Game in Mainframe. He cannot stand still for a moment, he must be constantly lifting weights, so he can get bigger muscles and be stronger than the most formidable opponent.

He is also anticipating the day when he will meet up with Megabyte again. Matrix wants nothing more than to destroy him, with a slow, painful delete. Matrix is a flawed character. He has always wanted to be Bob. But he is just Enzo Matrix. The things he has done to survive on the Net have pushed his conscience past the point of no return, but he still is good at heart.

Unofficial S4 Matrix
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