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Megabyte is a virus created by a mischievous computer hacker. A long time ago he "invaded" Mainframe by stealth, attached to an innocent word processing program. Megabyte's function is to grow: to continually gain as much power and control as possible - but his style is smooth and deceptive. He's no screaming megalomaniac. Megabyte is a gentleman with an evil grace about him. He is polite, intelligent - hiding his vicious viral nature behind a suave English accent and a unctuous feigned concern for others (think George Saunders, with big, pointy teeth). Megabyte knows that this smoothness is his best weapon, but beneath the patient surface is boiling impatience, an insatiable frustrated ambition for more and more. This inner anger and outer calm is a constant source of tension for Megabyte, its ripples often seen in our stories. He has to work overtime to keep his volcanic anger wrapped in that cool exterior.

Because he's a virus, Megabyte's appetite for power can never be satisfied: it's his function in life to extend his power indefinitely. He craves power for its own sake, like an addiction. Currently Megabyte controls maybe one third of Mainframe. His vision is to expand that to three thirds and then move on to the Super Computer. It's so advanced that he doesn't know how it works, but he knows that it's big and he likes the sound of that. He also knows that he can access more worlds like Mainframe. Thousands, he's heard. He dreams of a permanently open portal in Mainframe to the Super Computer and his ever expanding influence.

When, and if, Megabyte ever moves on to conquer the Super Computer, it doesn't mean he would give up Mainframe. His greedy programming doesn't even allow him to think of ever giving up anything. Rather he plans to use Mainframe as just one of his many dominions in his expanding power empire. Think of Megabyte as a greedy mob boss: he exerts silent but powerful control from the shadows, expanding his territories as he goes.

Bob fears that Megabyte could gain dangerous new tools if he were ever exposed to the Super Computer, so he feels a certain duty to keep an eye on the villain.

Megabyte is physically powerful in his own right. Perhaps the most powerful individual program in Mainframe. But he is not invincible and must use caution around clever characters like Bob, Dot, and Phong. Even Frisket causes him alarm.

Though Megabyte could take on just about anybody in a one on one fight, Megabyte prefers to let his minions do his dirty work. These include: The massive Hack & Slash, thousands of binomes under his control, and the occasional Data Sprite who's been seduced, tricked or extorted into serving Megabyte's nefarious ends. Megabyte's henchmen guard Megabyte's regions, spyon his enemies, bully their neighbors, build defensive walls in newly controlled sectors, run his operations, deliver messages or packages, do all his "housekeeping" or maintenance, and any other grunt work needed. Like the rest of Mainframe, the more sophisticated the Sprite, usually the higher up he is on Megabyte's informal command structure. Most are loyal to their boss-virus, most have a fearful respect for his authority, but once in a while one will turn against him - not unlike the many shady thugs indebted to a mob boss.

Bob is a special case for Megabyte. On one hand, Bob could someday be extorted into helping learn about the Super Computer, perhaps even into opening a portal. On the other hand, Bob is the worst foe since Dot and Phong and life in Mainframe for Megabyte would be a lot easier without this speedy hero's constant meddling.

But if Megabyte were to ever eliminate the popular Bob (if he could actually catch him - no easy task) he might cause such an uprising among the Mainframers that even he wouldn't be able to put it down. It's a delicate balance that changes from episode to episode.

Megabyte finds himself on a constant "fence" with Bob - sometimes he wants to use Bob for his own means, and at other times he wants to erase his code completely. Either way, they are always locked in a constant duel to outsmart each other.
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Megabyte avoids Games when he can, but if he finds himself caught in one, he'll prove to be a powerful opponent. Always the opportunist, he'll always try to bend a Game's end to his own advantage.

At the end of Season 4, Megabyte returns with a new ability: the ability to morph into any character. He uses this trojan horse capability to play with peoples identities, and feelings. He comes, first, in the form of the season 1 & 2 Bob to deceive Dot and Matrix into remembering the 'good old days'. The season ends with Megabyte gaining the upper hand-infecting the war room.