Made By Julia_Cat

Mouse is an extraordinarily talented hacker and a beautiful mercenary. She and Bob go way back. They know each other from the Super Computer, because Bob was always having to arrest her. Mouse is very competent, hiring herself and her talents out to the highest bidder. As long as she gets her money up front, she'll work for anybody, from Turbo, the Prime Guardian, to Megabyte. But the one thing that Mouse will not stand for is being double crossed. Bob may be the law, but he has always been honest and straight forward. Mouse seems to have some kind of feelings for Bob, although he seems relatively oblivious to her advances. Dot, on the other hand, doesn't miss a thing. She and Mouse have an open competition for Bob's attention, which Dot usually loses, until Dot saves Mouse's life. Mouse is used to having the upper hand, being the one owed a favor. Mouse has gained a new respect for Dot, who she now sees as her equal.

With Bob gone, they forge a supportive relationship, fighting Megabyte together. Mouse often has to comfort Dot as she comes to realize her love for Bob. Mouse bands together with Dot, Phong, AndrAIa and Enzo to defend Mainframe against Megabyte and Hexadecimal. She seems to have found a family of sorts. Mouse was a loner, but now she has Ray Tracer, anyways, she has found something worth fighting for. Besides, Megabyte has double-crossed her one time too many, and she's got a score to settle and she already did.