Made By Julia_Cat
The City's spiritual mentor (of sorts), Phong is the oldest sprite in Mainframe, left over from the days of IBM 360s. In fact, Phong was the original way back when. His years of experience have given him an eclectic wisdom which he dispenses while levitating Buddha-like in his rec room. Unfortunately, Phong's pithy pronouncements can be more than a little confusing, as if he were translating them (poorly) from another language. Perhaps it's because he still thinks in Fortran. The eccentric Phong was a champion P.O.N.G. (Puck Oriented Non-linear Game) player in his youth. Anyone who comes seeking enlightenment has to beat him in a game of P.O.N.G. before he'll share his wisdom. This is incredibly easy for Bob, who, hailing from the Super Computer is about 10 times faster than Phong."Ah you have good back spin, my son."

Though Phong is "retired", and seems a bit loopy at times he still holds a very important position in the Mainframe community. He is the official "executive secretary" to the new who resides in the massive Principal Office, a large hub-like building in the center of Mainframe. Phong is a kind of executive doorman not unlike the one seen in the "Wizard of Oz". The new, this supposed all-powerful leader, is so elusive that we never actually see him. Ever. The new is the archetypal obnoxiously busy executive. If you ask Phong for an appointment, he'll check his digital roster, mumbling, "No. In a meeting. Lunch meeting. Translating 'cross board. Meeting. Sorry try tomorrow." But Phong does manage to bring messages from the Mighty One in and out of the Principal Office. He also reads proclamations over the Mainframe P.A. and dispenses awards and medals to citizens in the name of the Bob and Dot have their suspicions about Phong, but they can't prove anything. They think that maybe he's still the - and they're right - but the eccentric Phong will never admit to it. Shortly after Bob is shot into the Web, Phong appoints Dot as leader of the resistance. Phong can often be seen marveling at Mouse's latest hack job, or offering much needed support to Enzo as he tries to fill Bob's shoes as Guardian of Mainframe.