The Glitch007 ReBoot webring has moved to Bravenet. Most users should see their site already inside the new ring. However, when I was adding sites, I did not fill in the email address box, nor did I fill any many 'keywords' that are used for the search box for the site. Also the passwords are not known to the sitemasters, therefore, sitemasters must email me (here) with an email account that is listed on their own page to recieve their passwords.
Please look at the list of sites first and email me your NEW site ID number (don't forget to use an email account that is listed on your site) to make things go faster. The reason you need a password is to update your site, and to get the new code. You can do this whenever you have free time, I will not go kick you off the ring if you don't have html fragments.


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Below is a working imagemap/htmlfragment. Click on it to go where you want

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Now, the webring is being hosted by Bravenet. Yahoo!Webring is no good

Why join this one?

Reason #1. Well, this webring is full of the GOOD quality ReBoot sites because we pick the sites that go into the ring, if the site isn't good, forget it! Where as in the other ReBoot Webring (the larger one) there are many many ReBoot sites, but half of them are garbage, they either have nothing to do with ReBoot or they have nothing on their site. Don't believe me? then go see for yourself The Bigger ReBoot Web Ring.

Reason #2. This ring is listed on Yahoo!'s search engine, yet the webring is not part of Yahoo! which makes it more customizable.

Reason #3. Still reading? ok The html fragments don't look like crap

Now read the requirements to see if you're site is qualified, if you think so, then you submit your site to the queue then, I will add it if i approve


your site MUST be a ReBoot site
your site should have a good layout
not many dead links
lots of info

How it Works

When you submit I'll get a friend to see it, if he and I think your site is good, then I'll submit you
If you see a bad site in my webring please tell me and i will remove them if i think it's bad too