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Icq+ Skins
Skins are pretty old and they're based on non-reboot stuff. I don't think I'm going to make anymore
Most of the characters' info was taken off of mainframe's site a while back
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E-mail me, via an online form, with whatever comments you have about reboot or the site and I'll respond asap.
Voting Sector
Vote for stuff... I think I'm gonna get rid of this and put it on the main page since I know you don't like clicking all these links to get to stuff
ReBoot Gallery
This is probably the only thing that will still be updated. Go here to get some cool ReBoot wallpapers for your desktop
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Join the list if you want to know when a major update occurs, I don't email often so don't worry about getting annoyed
If you have a link page and would like to link to this site, you can use these banners if you wish, thanks!
Similarities b/w Mainframe shows
I've noticed that the storylines in programs produced by Mainframe seem to overlap, here are some things we've (the visitors and I) noticed.
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I need more sites in the ring so if you have a ReBoot site, please join.
ReBoot Episode Secrets
Free e-mail account (
This is a web-based email service (like hotmail)...I think you can use it at your workplace (unlike hotmail)
ReBoot Episode Spoofs
These are the shows/ppl that reboot has spoofed, if you have something to add, please send an email
Free Customized Title Banners
Go here to make your own 3d text
ReBoot Episode Guides S1 | S2 | S3 | S4 scripts
S1 & S2 summaries are from Joe Smith, the S3 summary is from Chris Hyduk (owner of the now deleted Megaframe). S4 are scripts typed up by myself.