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August 31, 2002

Sent in by Discloner
Subject: Gavin Blair Leaves Mainframe?
Ok, Here's an update for you. Earlier this week, Gavin Blair, one of the creative geniuses that started ReBoot, left Mainframe Inc. This comes to bad news to many ReBoot fans, and Mainframe fans alike. Gavin Blair has been with Mainframe since the beginning, helping it establish it's place in the world as a CGI powerhouse. ReBoot fans feel that without Gavin's assistance, new episodes could damage the shows reputation. Others think there is much more to ReBoot, then just Gavin. While there still is no plans to make new ReBoot episodes, some people worry that the loss of Gavin has predicted no ReBoot episodes, ever. The other Co-creator of ReBoot left Mainframe before Season 4 was produced. It still remains unclear, why Gavin left Mainframe.