ReBoot mail is provided by "Zap Zone Network"
It was created on 1/24/99
E-mail Webmaster


  • tip: NEVER submit your email address to untrustworthy mailing lists (these include the "free porn" ones)
  • I cannot see your password
  • I cannot access your private emails
  • Although I own "" I do NOT run this email service, ZZN does
  • Your personal info is optional and can be only viewed by me
  • spam mail can be forwarded to
  • As of Sept. 2002, POP mail will not be supported (This was announced by ZZN and is not my decision). However you can upgrade to their 'PRO' package, please refer to their website for details
  • Email Help


  • 3Mb storage
  • Free email notification via icq/pagers or another email address
  • Free Calendar scheduler / to-do list