ReBoot Episode 09 (1_09)>>SOUND<<



Bob, Dot, Enzo and Mike the TV have to play as a team in a Dungeons and Dragons type game. Mike gets the hero role this time, and proves to be a valuable asset to the community.


Mike, the announcer TV, won't shut up. "It's yours free for $99.99.99" (His remote ran away, and no one can blame it.) The User's game, "A Dungeon Deep", starts up almost immediately, it is a basic role-playing game. Bob is the Thief, Dot is the Wizard, Enzo is an Elf, and Mike is the mighty barbarian Warrior. (Dot's star-spangled wizard's costume is the exact color of bright blue that keeps changing to red and back on typical VCRs.) After much bickering, they descend through the various levels of the dungeon.

Level 1: The door guardian says, "To win the chalice, listen to me. One in all, all in one, that's the key". The door slides down a tunnel and floats on the the Hopeless River of Eternal Imprisonment, going to the Vicious Pit of Total Oblivion.
Level 2: Greek armor attacks. Dot's "Abraca watchmacutz dabracallit" cuts them in half, then quarters, eighths, etc. until they are small enough to step on.
Level 13: Spiral stairs down a deep well occupied by a nasty spider. (Bob vanquishes it with a butter knife.)
Level 23: No way out.
Level 31: Attack carrots reduced to Julienne fries.
Level 37: Stuck on a four square foot spire.
Level 42: Water monster; "stay frosty".
Level 53: Enzo shoots head off ghost armor with a clown-face arrow.
Level 58: "Run away!" from flying eyeball with 7 tentacles.
Level 65: They are riding on a flying banana until a white worm with skull (Skullipede) knocks them off. Race through hallway peppered with arrows, swinging axes, trap door, and a force field made of pansies.
Level 66: Shadow monster from a bright candle is dispatched by Mike using his loud mouth to blow out the candle. "Tonight on BMMN, the Bad Monster Movie Network." The narrow pathway starts falling into the "bottomlessness-lessness". The key is all pressing the doorknob together.

In the last room, each character meets their own zombie, which is stronger. (Dot gets turned into a Picasso painting.) The zombies can only be defeated by teamwork from the other members of the party. As the Users arrive, the group realizes that they all have to pull together to release the chalice. They do "and the crowd goes wild."


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