Game Over


By Chris Hyduk

First Aired: September 10th, 1997

Game:Mortal Kombat Styled Fighting Game

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Memorable Quotes:
"Megabyte's gonna be mad..."
"I'm Free..."
"To Mend and Defend, who will defend you..."
"Game Over...User Wins"

The Episode opens with Megabyte attempting to break free of the Firewall, he un-chains Hexadecimal, and tells her to create an openning. She eventually does, with a little jolt to her collar, and Megabyte orders his entire fleet through the hole.
Dot knows what's going on, and she orders all of the Principle Office guns to stand by, when the ABC's fly through the hole, Dot just watches, She sees that Megabyte isn't coming through, and really seems to get angry. Enzo says that they must fire the guns now, and Dot agrees. Mouse tells the binome guards to fire!

The ABC's are blown out of the sky, the few that remain retreat back towards the rift, but many crash into the wall due to the fact that the rift has closed. Megabytes chief viral binome Yells out "For Megabyte!", right before he meets his end.
Our heroes are all celebrating their victory, all except Dot, who goes to her office. When Phong comes in to see her, she is crying. She tries to mask it by telling Phong that she is just doing reports, but Phong tells her that the only way to get Bob home is to give him a way to get there. Dot agrees, and goes out to join the party.

Back at the Tor, Megabyte Talks with the doctor about their Firewall countermeasure, and Wonders what Hack and Slash are doing. They are supposed to be doing away with Cyrus, but neither of them can decide on who pushes the button to activate the big crushing machine. Hack eventually pushes it, and Cyrus heads towards certain doom, only to be saved at the last moment by...Slash!
Slash lets Cyrus go free, and then justifies it by saying that when Bob was there, he would always stop them from doing anything REALLY bad, but now there's no one to stop them, and Slash can't take that! This is the first time that Hack and Slash have ever taken opposing sides.

Back at the Principle Office, an alarm goes off warning of an incoming game. Enzo and Andraia are escorted there, and the area is cleared of all other binomes, they will be the ONLY ones in the game.
Cyrus, apparently gone completely mad, stumbles around looking for a way past the firewall. He encounters Scuzzy, on the other side, and suggests that they help each other out. Later, Hex recieves a knock at a grate, she tells whoever it is to "come in!", and Scuzzy zips in. Hex is disappointed that it took Scuzzy so long, it's just a Firewall...

The game is a fighting game, styled after Mortal Kombat, with similar music and everything! Enzo tells Andraia to Reboot, along with Frisket, and he will wait to try and anticipate the users move, to ensure that Enzo gets picked to fight. The user turns out to be a hulking creature named Zaytan, and he doesn't look friendly.

Outside the game, We see Dot waiting anxiously for the game to end (The "Reboot Time" discrepency is FINALLY explained!) Phong tells her to be patient, and then screams, "What does someone have to do to get a cup of cocoa around here?!?", And we see Binky and his sidekick! (THEY SURVIVED!! HOORAY!!)

The user wins several rounds, against the likes of an angel-type guy and a military guy. Then it's down to Enzo, he manages to get picked, after rebooting into Scorpion (He says "Matrix" after he gets picked!) and kicks the users behind in the first round, unfortunately, the user returns the favour, and the match is tied. The deciding battle commences, and during battle, Enzo gets smashed by the users weapon. His eye is badly hurt, (THIS IS IT!! YOU KNEW IT WAS COMING!!) and he knows that he can't win the game, He touches his icon, which transforms into a game sprite icon! Andraia sees him do this, and does the same to herself and Frisket. The user does his finishing move on Enzo, and the game ends.

Outside, they see that it's about to end, and Dot orders medical teams to the games site, The announcement comes "Game Over..." Dot tells them that they must act now, "...The User wins".
A long silence, all of the people in the room look at Dot. She looks shocked, a tear rolls down her face, and then she screams. "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" And the episode ends, with Megabyte laughing in the background.


Note: This is the end of the First Story arc, the following one will deal with Enzo (Matrix) and Andraia searching for Bob.

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