Webriders on the Storm


By Chris Hyduk

First Aired: October 29th, 1997

Game: None!!

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The Webriders have moved off...For now.

The Saucy Mare cautiously continues through the web, keeping an eye out for the riders they had encountered. Matrix is alerted to Andraia's condition, which has grown worse. Matrix goes down to check on her, Ray follows. Matrix sits by her bed, and watches. Ray says that her condition will get even worse if her code isn't recovered from the web creature. He says that he will go out again and try to track it down.

Ray surfs out ahead of the ship, entering a large vortex. Inside the ship, Mr. Christopher alerts captain capacitor to something that has obviously been bothering him for a while. The entire journey into the web has absolutely no profit in it! The captain tells the crew, to their enourmous surprise, that there are more important things in life than profit, and that helping Matrix is reward enough. Mr. Christopher understands that, but he is still unsure of what to write into the ledger.

Below deck, Matrix has come up with something that may buy Andraia some more time. He is warned by princess Bula that it may hurt, but Matrix doesn't care. He hooks a device into his arm, and the other part is hooked into Andraia. They start the process, and Matrix feels a slight twinge as his code is downloaded into Andraia.
Outside the ship, Ray spots the herd of creatures they were after. He flys into the vortex after them, only to emerge a moment later, being chased by a large group of the webriders.

Open the Hatch! Ray zooms toward the ship, yelling something. When they put his on screen, they hear him yelling to open the hatch on the side of the boat. They open it, and Ray becomes one with his board (Literally!) The now occupantless board zips through the hatch, and slams into the inner door, leaving a cartoon-style dent in the door.
The crew prepares for battle, and Princess bula goes above deck, leaving Matrix with Andraia. Bula tries to get through the small door, but her bulk restricts her, so she turns sideways, and slides on through.

Their leader...? The riders attack. One particular rider, seeming to be their leader, blasts at the ship with green bolts of energy. Others smash at the hull of the craft. The crew does their best to shoot at the riders, and one binome, with an angry look in his eye, shoots repeatedly at on rider, and eventually nails him! He is congratulated by his collegues, "Yay!" and spins around in his chair. While he isn't looking, a webrider smashes his gun, bending it towards the ship. The binome turns, and looks out his viewer at the rider. With a new confidence, he fires, and is immediately fried, the end of Mr. Norton. "Booooo!".

Matrix is told that they require his assistance, so he stumbles above deck. His head is spinning from the loss of his code, but he is focused. He staggers forward, and is watched by the now conscious Ray, and the Captain. Matrix climbs onto a pole, and sticks his gun through the hull. With a multiple targeting command, the gun takes out many of the riders. Their leader tells the rest to retreat, and they do. Matrix wonders if Bob may have encountered these webriders.

Ugh! It's..It's... They are still rejoicing over their victory when the herd appears. It is heading straight towards them, and will collide! They do their best to try and stear the ship to safety, but to no avail. The creatures smash into the side of the Saucy Mare, being lead by the webrider leader, they continue to pummel the hull. Ray looks up, and notices a hole forming. He yells a warning, and the hole bursts open, and the web environment blasts into the cabin. This was what the riders wanted. (Also alerted to this is Feathers McGraw, the famous penguin from "The Wrong Trousers". He has made many cameos on past episodes, and was in the prison when the crew was rescued. He is now a stow-away on the Saucy Mare!)

A large rider, wearing a bronzish armour is the first to board. The crew fights valiantly, and score many victories. Matrix battles the large, bronze, warrior. He is caught in the rider's tentacle, when Gavin comes to his rescue. He leaps on the rider's head, and hits him with his rapier. Matrix manages to pull the rider's helmet off, and they all stand aghast at what they see.
The creature is a horribly mutated sprite, with large, hideous teeth. The creature says, "Disrespect is Unwelcome", and smashes matrix in his head. He falls over, because he is already woozy.

What Follows May Horrify and Shock You!

Uh oh, they got guns...:) Half conscious, Matrix is unable to stop the creatures, who relentlessly pour into the ship. They grab Ray's board, and hold it, Ray is helpless. The creatures pull their weapons, and line up the crew. They load, and aim at the valiant binomes. The crew has been defeated.

Through the openning, another group of riders appears, carrying a binome who was sucked out of the hole. Two of the riders seal the hole behind them, it is apparent that the REAL leader of these riders has arrived. A regular sized rider, with red, glowing, slits for eyes. The leader comes forward, sending his modem/handshake signals to his fellow riders. He tells them to "Stand Down. These are my friends"
Someone new?Hmmm...Friends..? hey, wait a sec...Who's this bloke?About the same size..Glitch knows him...Glitch is homeOh, Hi Frisket!

The rider approaches Matrix, and holds his hand out to him. Matrix looks down, and sees glitch fly into the rider's hand. the rider looks around, and sees Mr. Christopher. He has obviously been giving his code to keep Andraia stable, but he can't give any more. The rider goes down, below deck, and is stopped by a growling Frisket.
The rider looks at Frisket, and says more modem talk. He says, "Oh, Hi Frisket!". This confuses Frisket, who sniffs the rider, and then continues to growl, a look of disbelief crosses the rider's mask. He goes over to Andraia, and sits by her. He hooks the machine up to his arm, and gives some code.
An Icon...Download that code...
He then taps his chest, revealing an icon underneath the hard shell of his clothing. He downloads his protocal into Andraia's icon. Replacing it, Andraia comes to, looking up at the figure, her first words are:

"Oh, Bob? We've found you!"

The rider steps back, and Matrix embraces Andraia. They look over at the figure. His mask slides open, and he removes it. Matrix and Andraia look at him happily, while the crew holds their breath. The figure turns around.

It is Bob. The crew release a sigh of relief. Bob looks around and says, "You just can't talk in these things!". Matrix gets up, and prepares to leap at him, but Bob stops him, saying he's a little too big for that. They share a handshake. They're back together, and now have a way to re-enter Mainframe, they can finally go home.
It's Bob, He's back!A little too big for that!Happily Ever After!


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