By Chris hyduk

First Aired: November 5th, 1997

Game: None!!

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A little too much.. The crew rejoices, they have earned a chance to relax at last. They drink themselves into a stupour, and swap toasts to themselves, and the webriders, the ugliest bunch they have ever had the fortune to encounter. Bob joins in with the festivities, but Matrix and Andraia are nowhere to be seen. Even Ray is having a good time, watching the webriders eat their little slug creatures.
Matrix and Andraia are above deck. Matrix is worried that Bob may be disappointed with what he has become. He is still his hero, and he doesn't want to look bad to him. Andraia lets him know that Bob won't hate him, and they should join the party. Matrix agrees, and they head down.

They wriggle all the way down Everyone is having a good time, watching Ray hold one of the slugs above his mouth. Bob tells the captain that he could never get used to them, they wiggled all the way down. Ray moves the slug closer to his mouth, carefully watched by two of the webriders. The larger one turns to the other and says, in his modem/handshake voice that he could never get used to them, they wiggle all the way down. Ray gulps, and drops it down his throat. He immediately grabs his neck, and falls over on the table. The crew gasps, and look at him in horror. Suddenly, he gets up, and the crew start cheering. A true warrior The webriders say that he has guts. and he is a mighty warrior and should be honoured. he slaps Ray on the back, and he goes flying accross the room, and slams right into Matrix who is coming through the door. Martix pulls his gun, and points it at the riders. He looks around, and they tell him to calm down. Ray says some gibberish in the modem language, it's obvious he has no idea what he is saying. The riders know what he means though, and sit down. Matrix apologizes, and leaves. Andraia looks at Bob, and he knows what he has to do.
handbag, teakettle, Barbecue!

(Note: In this scene, a binome has obviously had too much to drink, and is behind a crate throwing up, just when he thinks he's done, he starts again!)

Bob walks up to Matrix, who is sitting on the steps above deck. They talk about how Bob is Matrix's hero, and he didn't want to let him down. He is sorry for his outburst. Bob says that he is still his friend, and that they have been through a lot since they last saw each other. When they get back to Mainframe, they will take care of Megabyte, and then Daemon. Bob already knows about Daemon, so it is safe to assume that Matrix has told him.

They continue along, approaching a large tear. They can see that they are almost home, and Ray will have to open the portal. They are suddenly jolted by something. Large bolts of energy strike the ship, they figure that they are in some kind of energy trap. Matrix says that it must be the Guardians, but Bob has another idea in mind. He is cut short, however, by another jolt. This blast causes the ship's power to overload, and they have no choice but to turn off all ship's systems. They are stuck in the dark, and only have the faint red glow of backup lights. Bob reveals that this must be Mouse's doing. She put these traps here to keep any web creatures out of Mainframe.

Bob is discouraged The jolts keep coming, and the captain comes up with a plan. He asks Matrix to keep an "eye" out on the storm outside, and he waits until the next jolt is on it's way. Just before it strikes, Captain Capacitor orders the sail to be raised. The do, and the ship gets carried along by the energy beam. They say that they can ride this all the way to Mainframe. But the sails get burned away from the energy, and they are again powerless. They start going over the ship's schematics, and Bob asks for a light. When he gets it, the light continues past him and right through the ship blueprints. They are being attacked by pixels, they are eating away at the hull. They try to get rid of them, but the only way to stop them is to get them before they enter the ship.

Ray and the webriders go out to get rid of the pixels. The webriders use some kind of "ray", and Ray (Yeah, yeah, I know) uses his own special talents. They clean off the pixels, but they still have no power.
Then things start really going bad. A large field appears around the ship, leaving Ray and the riders trapped outside. The field starts pulling them towards the tear, and they can't stop it. Ray says that whereever they are going, they're going alone. Goodbye Ray Tracer!

Glitch has an idea Inside the ship, they desparately search for ideas. Andraia wonders why the traps are attacking them, when they were only supposed to keep out web creatures. Bob realizes something, and tells the captain to take off the shields. Matrix says no, that they will be degraded. Bob says that Andraia was right, that they are being attacked by the traps because of the web shielding around the ship. Then glitch starts beeping to Bob, and Bob starts talking back. He says that there must be something else, but glitch keeps beeping.

Glitch begins to download Bob eventually agrees with glitch, and tells everybody to stand back. He says, "Glitch" Download". Glitch begins to glow, and swirls around Bob. Bob is lifted off of the ground, undergoing some kind of transformation. When it is all over, Bob is in a shiny new outfit, and glitch is gone. He and glitch have merged, so Bob can now do whatever glitch could do, I guess...
Bob floats out of the ship, and creates a bright yellow beam around the entire ship. He begins flying towards the tear, and when he get close enough, he stabalizes it.

Bob UpgradesThe New BobOpen Sesame!Mainframe, at last!

I come from the Net
I Search Systems, Peoples, and Cities
For this place
My Home.
My Format:Guardian,
To Mend and Defend.




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