By Chris Hyduk

First Aired: January 3rd, 1998

Game: None!!

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They've made it back.

They arrive The Portal from the Web opens, and the Saucy Mare enters the system of Mainframe, or what's left of it. Every Sector is destroyed, nothing seems to be moving. Matrix wonders if Dot could still be alive, but Bob reassures him that she is. After all, Matrix survived this long, why shouldn't Dot? They decide to go and check things out, and Andraia volunteers to stay behind and repair the ship, which is still not able to go into battle.

The Tor
Bob and Matrix take the Saucy Mare's zipboards out into the city, their first stop is Silicon Tor. The entire area has been devasted, the Tor has had it's top blasted off by something, or someone...The Firewall had been destroyed from the inside, Hexidecimal.

BOOM![--click here for a bigger and better image from mainframe--] A flashback reveals Hex escaping from her brother, and removing his collar which had controlled her. She begins levelling everything, beginning with the Tor. She blows it's top literally, and then overloads the Firewall emitters, causing it to shut down.

Matrix and Bob find charred ABCs, and a charred pile of nulls. Hex had called her army of nulls to help her get ger vengence.

Another flashback, Hex and her nulls confront Hack and Slash, who are backed by some ABCs, Hack and Slash are quickly disposed of, and the ABCs follow soon after. Hex is having a grand old time, as she watches the nulls encompass and ABC, and it disappears.

Megabyte The Principle Office [--click here for a bigger and better image from mainframe--]

Bob's Powers! Meanwhile, Megabyte has just recieved word that Bob is back, and he begins to put his plan into action. Our heroes venture on, to the Principle Office, which has become Megabyte's new headquarters. One of the binome guards spots them, this causes Matrix to flip out, and he storms at the office. He shoots down one of the ABCs, but loses his gun and gets pinned down behind the fallen craft. He is about to be clobbered by a missile, but he is saved by Bob, and his newly found "Magical Powers". :)

Bob turns a nearby tear into a portal, and escapes through it with Matrix. One of the guards refers to them as "Rebel Scum", meaning that there must be more...

Yet another BOOM! Bob and Matrix emerge from the portal in an alley somewhere else in Mainframe. Another flashback shows Megabyte's troops attacking the Principle Office while he watches from his Limo. A large chunk of the wall is blasted away, and it lands in an alley. In that same alley, Matrix and Bob are confronted by Hack and Slash, both being held together (Barely) with scraps of metal. They both also have icons, which can mean one thing, they're the good guys now.
In the Principle Office, Megabyte discusses his plan with his binomial scientist, the little German fellow. He wants a stable portal to the net, he can make a tear no problem, but they can't stablize it, he needs certain codes to do that. He decides to consult, "The Head".

Hack and Slash are confronted by Matrix's gun, and quickly surrender. Bob tells Matrix to ease up, and Hack and Slash realize that it's Bob. They greet him happily, making it quite aware to him that they missed him. They are surprised to learn that the large green guy is Enzo, and greet him as well. They say that Dot will be so surprised, and that she will have a conniption.

Matrix returns to DotA Happy Reunion

Dot is in command of the rebels from an abandoned warehouse, she tells a nearby binome to get her some reports. Hack and Slash enter the room, and two guards in large mounted guns turn at them. The two robots tell Dot that they have a surprise for her, and reveal Matrix.
Mouse missed Bob! Dot doesn't seem to recognize him, but when he calls her "Sis", she immediately knows who he is. A tearful reunion follows, she is happy to find out that she had not in fact lost everything. Across the room, Bob and Mouse have a small reunion too, as Mouse sweeps Bob off of his feet, giving him a big ol' Smackeroo!
Then Bob looks over to Dot. He wants to hug her, but she puts out her hand to shake. There is an awkward silence. Dot doesn't seem to be as overjoyed as expected. Bob wonders where Phong is.

Hack and Slash In yet Another flashback, the Principle Office is being battered. Dot refuses to leave, but Phong insists that they must evacuate. He tells Dot that Megabyte has won this battle, but it is important that she survive to win the war. She reluctantly leaves through a secret exit, and Phong turns just as the door is knocked in. Megabyte is behind it, he reaches his arms up, and his claws extend.

Phong's head! IN A JAR!!!! In Megabyte's headquarters, Megabyte asks the head for the codes. In a jar, hooked up to some wires, is Phong's head. Phong refuses, but Megabyte tells him that this doesn't matter, and his scientists enjoy their work. The doctor activates the machine, which begins extracting the codes from Phong's mind.

Dot is depressed, she didn't believe that Bob would survive the Web, she had given up hope, and had stopped believing in him. Mouse comes in and tries to cheer her up. She tells her to go and see him. At the same time, Megabyte extracts the final bit of information from Phong's mind. The subsphere of the Principle Office blows away, and a tear opens in it's place.

Andraia says she has a bad feeling about this, as she watches from the ship. The rest of the gang emerge from the warehouse, and Bob knows that Phong must be alive for Megabyte to be doing this. Suddenly, Bob vanishes, leaving the group confused.

The city...What's left of itThe group looks on.

Bob appears in a dark room, which is recognizable as Hexadecimal's lair. He looks around, and in the darkness Hex can be seen flying around. She tells him that it was boring without him around, and now things should be a lot more interesting. Her laughter is heard echoing throughout the chamber.

Bob, in Hex's lairHexadecimal lurks


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