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The Tearing

Submitted by: Kate
Bob has a picture of the net labeled " Home Sweet Home."

The Quick and the Fed

Submitted By:ditto1616
Bob's number in line at Al's was 4,096. That is also the exact number of hit points the Culex has in Super Mario Rpg, Legend of the Seven Stars. I know the game and show have nothing to do with each other but it was just interesting to me.

The Crimson Binome

Submitted by:Brian Beech
When you first see Bob in the dungeon, look towards the back wall. There you will find Mouse's symbol which is a little doodle of a mouse!

Submitted by: vegeta4383
In the episode The Crimson Binome on a dungeon wall its says I WANT MY M.V. (another msg., from, came in saying it was M.T.V. but I'm not sure)

...And a Word from our Sponsors

Submitted by: JC
In one scene they do a close-up of bob's face and his beard is missing but his lost tooth is there again

Enzo The Smart

Submitted by: Meghan W.
During the game, bob has a Lord of the Dance pose happening when they're warming up.

Talent Night

Submitted by: Dragon Fyre
The two computer animated guys that come on stage to sing (they got fruit thrown at them) are from the music video of 'Money for Nothing', by the Dire Straits.
Their names are Sal(fat guy) and Harv (skinny guy)

Submitted by: Jason Zingg
One of the bands was called "The small town Binomes" (the Village People), and Megabyte comes out of casket supported by a Skelaton (Alice Cooper)

Identity Crisis I

Submitted by: James Diego
When Bob, Dot, and Cyris are in the "sewer" Bob states "Cowabunga." Making referance to ninja turtles.

Indentity Crisis II

Submitted by: GoldZero
Enzo has a scar over his right eye just like in the Third Season as Matrix.
Submitted by: James Diego
When Dot is looking for Phong in the alley she hears a crash and looks over to see Feathers McGraw walking out behind a "data bone" box. This makes referance to Wallace and Gromit (the wrong trousers), also "data bone" is a parody of "meata bone."
Submitted by: Liquid Cool
Right after Dot gets the codes back into her computer thing, a binome asked a question and the binome looks just like Captain Capacitor. The only thing that isn't like him is his hair is gray not red like the Captains.

When Dot sees the diner it says: Nibbles' Diner. Nibbles is Megabyte's pet null also known as "father" (episode: Nullzilla)

Painted Windows

Submitted by: Bucswabe
Glitch melts off Bob, but when the cardboard cutouts of him appear he is wearing Glitch


Is this some kinda Power Rangers episode?

Submitted by: James Diego
The ship that AndrAIa flies is incased in glass, on the glass it reads: "In case of giant null monster break glass"


Submitted by Jordan
Mouse is using a Playstation controller to build an icosahedron around the tear. Why Playstation? Because the ReBoot game was made for Playstation.

Submitted by: James Diego
When Gigabyte walks down the alleyway he streaks his claws against the wall, (jus' like freddie kruger)

Web World Wars

Submitted by: Dj Prowler
He has his old icon on his hat and the guardian one on his shirt But a few seconds earlier he dosnt have a Icon becuase bob has it and if you look on his hat theres no icon there. So how did he get two?

Season 3

When did the sheilds turn transparent? They were not transparent in seasons 1 & 2

To Mend and Defend

Submitted by: Bonesman
The user in the game is Ash from Evil Dead I, II, and Army of Darkness.
Editor's note:He also came back in "System Crash"

Between a racoon and a hard place

In the game the setting was the roadrunner scene

Enzo looks and talks like Elmer Fudd (the guy that hunts Bugs Bunny)

A binome flahes out his knives and look above the raccoon's eyes, it's a frisket poster (as seen below)

At the end when, Enzo says,"Megabyte's gonna be vewy vewy angwy." The camera zooms out, and who's that standing behind the binome that says "DUUUHHH"? It's the Sailormoon Binome!!!

Submitted by: Sterling Fisher
The raccoon is a reference to Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog (notice how fast he runs!)

Submitted by: Slash Fox
AndrAIa's shirt has the symbol of the Maxamals from "Beast Wars" on it

Submitted by: Kristin
On the back wall in the subway something is written backwards. If you read it, it says, "Bob is dead"


Submitted by: Unknown User
During the 2nd game when all the police cars are going by, watch the very beginning to see that they are chasing O.J. Simpsons bronco.

Submitted by: Andrew
When Enzo is in the game with Cyris and Enzo falls off the plane's wing, he goes past "The Indian The Cupboard".

Submitted by: Thargore
During the game Cyrus picks Enzo up in a small James Bond-like chopper. You can''t catch somebody in a chopper! Enzo would be chopped to pieces!

Submitted by: Meghan
In the santa claus game, AndrAIa's snowman has seashell features.

Game Over

The game was Mortal Kombat (they even got some of the music)

The game says "MATRIX" when Enzo gets picked, this is probably a forshadowing of what Enzo wants to be called in the future, Matrix (another example of forshadowing is in 'webworldwars' where Bob calls Enzo "Cadet Matrix").

Submitted by: Drew Clark
Enzo and andrAIa are riding in a vehicle towards the game cube. It's bob's car!


When Wise 1 says,"Here take these goods" because he wants Matrix, Andraia and Frisket to stay as their protectors, in the front of the pile you'll see a nerf gun marked "nerd"

When Matrix says,"Is this the best this system has to offer?" Barry says,"The best & the fastest-huh huh-I'm Barry and I can lap this system before you can process a word"---Who does that sound like....YES the UBS guy from MADTV!!

After they win the game, "Bakkup" swings his YO-YO once and a small Enzo-look alike binome watches!!

Submitted by: James Diego
In the start Matrix, AndrAIa, and Frisket are dressed in Mars attacks gear at the beginning.

Also in Icons Matrix Reboots into Braveheart, and AndrAIa reboots into Xena.

Also in in Icons kron (the user) exclaims "By Kron I want the tooth!" and bakkup replies "You can't handle the tooth!" This makes referance to the movie: "A Few Good Men"

Where No Sprite Has Gone Before

Submitted by: Unknown user
Inside "harddrive" what do you see on the first shelf? The Stanley Cup!

Submitted by: karrde_b
Right after you see the Stanley cup, there is a Starfleet sypmbol, and a bit large shiny disk.....the disk is coloured just like a Canadian two dollar coin.

Submitted by: Drago
There is a T-rex Megatron on the last self

Submitted by: Icemaster
There are many old Star Trek references. Rob talks like Kirk, the pointy eared hero looks and talks like Spock, and the bartender is called Bobby(Scotty) and has a British accent. Also Andraia and MAtrix say "make it so" and "engage".

Submitted by:Zed
Before the spectrals neutralize the a tear (the only one you see) Andraia uses an triquarder from the original Star Trek series, but she has never used one before.

The bartender looks like Glacius, from Killer Instinct 1 and 2.

Submitted by: Starbuck
If you get a good look at Rob Cursor's left arm, you'll notice that he is wearing a device that looks like a Gaurdian Keytool!


Submitted By: David Edwards
In this episode, there are 3 characters playing golf- A tiger(ref. to Tiger woods), a shark [ref. to Jack Nichlaus (or maybe Greg Norman)*], and a sombero (ref. to Chi-chi rodregus)

note from webmaster: Somebody sent me a msg. telling me that the shark wuz reffering to Greg Norman and not Jack Nichlaus, but I don't really know, so i just put 'em both

The Episode With No Name

Submitted by: Maxaholic47
If you notice, Rob and Bob are both nicknames for Robert. Also, notice that Pixel and Rob's relationship is similar to Bob and Dot's.

Submitted by: Paul
IMAX is written on the side of the search engine's ship

Return of the Crimson Binome

Submitted by: Dee
In a scene from "Return of the Crimson Binome" where they show the security room with all the monitors, The Penguin, Feathers McGraw, is locked in a cell in the upper-left screen.

Submitted by: Nicky
when the Saucy Mare stops suddenly and the back of the boat flies up, a crate falls down the ship, hits the deck and bursts open showing that the penguin was inside.

Submitted by: Paul
Captain Gavin Capacitor has connon fuses tied in his hair. This is a thing the famous sea pirate "Captain Blackbeard" did except Blackbeard lit the cannon fuses.


Submitted by: Webdragon51
On the ship, there are two binomes up on deck, sitting on barrels of Rom, as opposed to rum.


Submitted by: Joe Smith
When Megabyte extracts the "Mortal Kombat" codes out of Phong's head the codes were:
in ASCII 89=Y 65=A 68=D and 33=!
If you decode that the Mortal Kombat code it says:
Remember is the episode "Enzo The Smart"? When Phong let's Enzo enter that room the password was "YADDA YADDA YADDA!"

System Crash

Submitted by: Starbuck Shelton
In "Where No Sprite Has Gone Before" before Rob Cursor is deleted he askes," System out of danger?" Well when Dot helps Bob out of the core control room Bob says," System out of danger?"

Submitted by: karrde_b
Nully and Modem (X-files spoofs of Scully and Mulder) Modem is examining two says LA and the other BC. The Xfiles used to be filmed in Vancouver (BC), and now is in LA.

End Prog.

Submitted by: bejewledjessie
When Bob and Dot kiss the Tor is restored and when Phong takes the picture, they are through kissing but when it shows it, they are still kissing

Submitted by: Evelyn
One of the characters that was backed up was Captain Jean Luke Picard.

Submitted by: Drew Clarke
The mainframe strolling players' season 3 recap is a spoof of "the pirates of penzance," and in the orchestra is a binome with a green electric guitar.

When the game "cube" is coming down on the Guardian Enzo binome, you can see legs hanging out of the "cube" if you view it in slow motion or pause it

When Matrix and AndrAIa pretend to walk the little Guardian Enzo binome falls down (I think from the "cube")and the Matrix binome kicks him

When the Matrix and AndrAia binomes pretend to walk, look at the boards at the back, the last one says "Don't roll farther than this!"


Mike the T.V.
Submitted by Junior Magus
Mike the T.V.'s name comes from a character from the movie "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory". The name of the character in the movie is Mike TeeVee.

Mouse's outfit
Submitted by
In the last four episodes of Season III, Mouse's clothes change(army style...)but sometimes she has her outfit from the first four episodes from Season III; like in System crash, when she looks at Hack and Slash after they got shot by the user and yells "Medic"...

Submitted by Guardian Upgrade
Ya know how they(mostly Bob) say "Stay Frosty"? Well, that came from Aliens 2, Corpral Hicks said it alot. The ironic part about it, Corpral Hicks died.

"DeeCee's Power Bar" billboard, D.C. power bars supply +5 volts in bigger computers.

Submitted by: Lady Luk 59
the surfer''s belt has the motorola symbol on it

Submitted by: Kaylana
Not sure what episode (Maybe Return of the Crimson Binome) but a ship named the S. S. Cameron sunk. Is this a play off of Titanic??

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