This page is for spoofs and references used in ReBoot, they aren't secrets. Click on the title to read the reference

The Great Brain Robery

The name came from some show/movie called 'The great train robery' according to DJprowler.

Mad Bob

The episode is a spoof of a movie called 'Mad Max'

To Mend & Defend

Enzo reboots into a micheal jackson, and Dot into Morticia from The Addams family, they even had a clip of the song.

Raccoon and a Hard Place

Submitted by:Alex Perez
Various binome's are working under Hack and Slash, when a Vid window pops up. Its Megabyte saying they have to give up their codes, or something. One binome turnes to Megabyte. He is bald, and wearing a Star Trek-ish uniform. He says, "The line must be drawn here!" Jean Luc Picard from Star Trek the next generation: First Contact.


Submitted by:pkmnsnap2

The game in this episode is referring to 'Wacky Races'. The user is a reference to Penelope Pitstop! (Cyrus is Dick Dasterdly, and Frisket is Muttley)

The 'Firewall' Theme song is a spoof of all those James Bond movies.
Submitted by:RebLax
At one point, one of the vehicles is trapped by a moving desk lamp. This is a refrence to the movie company Pixar's (maker of Toy Story) symbol, which came from their first computer created 3D movie short.

Episode w/no name

Submitted by: karrde_b
The market area has almost a Star Wars look to it and you may have noticed the two StormTrooper binomes walk buy. The bar looks conincidentally like the one from Star Wars as well.

End Prog.

Submitted by: ALEX PEREZ
Before getting smashed by a crumbling building, four 1 binomes stood there. They were dressed in black with white makeup, aka KISS! One of them even had a long tounge.

The sailor scouts were standing there, and the one spoofing sailor moon was crushed by a rock. She was holding a moon tiara.

When the system was crashing, the ball from Bob's apartment fell off and rolled over a binome in a fedora, Indiana Jones.

Daemon Raising

Austin powers spoof (pretty obvious tho)

My Two Bobs.

The title is a spoof of 'My Two Dads'

This one needs no explanation.

The line "Stop trying to hit him and HIT HIM!" (Bobzilla to Matrix) could have been from The Matrix (Morpheus said to Neo when battling in the Japanese room)

DBZ guy, not sure who it is tho

Life's a Glitch

The title is actually a common phrase, which I hope you can figure out by yourself.

Star wars was spoofed several times: Darth Vader, the pod racer, Phong talking like Yoda, the 'sauce' etc...

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