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First Aired: January 24th, 1998

Game: Unknown

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The binomes are restless Mainframe is doomed. masses of binomes huddle in the Principle Office, which now stands in the center of the dead city of Mainframe. They wander around, sick, or crazy, knowing that they have little time left. One binome, a little girl, peeks into the room where our heroes are trying to make a plan.
Phong reveals that they have stopped the system from collapsing, but they cannot all survive in the P.O. It is a hopeless situation, if they want to repair a sector, they have to power it up, but to do that would make it crash. The girl hears this, and is worried.

Bob has an idea, which he is not very thrilled at. Before he can tell everyone about it, a game begins descending into the remains of the city. Matrix wants to go, and asks Bob if he is coming. Bob tells him no, and that Matrix musn't go either. Matrix says that a lost game will crash the system, and Bob hopes that doing that will cause the user to restart. He holds Matrix back, and they watch as the game lands on a deserted sector.
"What have we done?" asks Matrix.

Phong gets to work tallying up all PIDs in the system, and Dot helps him. Mouse and Ray go off to try and keep the binomes outside calm. The young binomes falls asleep and drops her doll, so Mouse returns it to her. As Mouse and Ray leave, the young girl whispers, "Thank you."
Ray says that he could take Mouse away from all of this, but Mouse says that she has to stick around and see this through, but he can go if he wants. Ray declines, saying that he has to be somewhere, and he likes it there. They look at each other and smile.

An energy buildup is detected, the game is leaving.
Phong scrambles to finish getting all of the PIDs logged, and manages to get them just in time. All they can do now is wait. Hexadecimal appears suddenly out of nowhere.
Igor? "Oooh!" She exclaims, "What are we waiting for?"
Everyone, especially Hack and Slash get freaked at this, and hide behind Dot. Hex offers everyone some biscuits, that are strangely shaped like the viral Doctor and his sidekick...So that's what the rolling pin was for!

Hex gets an Icon The game leaves, and Bob wants something from Phong. Phong doesn't want to, but grudgingly agrees to give Hex a PID. Now if they are restored, Hex will come back too. Hex wonders where she can pin it. :)
The user has won, and the system is collapsing on itself. Building topple, streets cave in, and the Tor sinks into the energy sea. A voice from above alerts, "WARNING: SYSTEM CRASH". The pirates look on in terror, and decide to out with a bang as they lift their mugs to each other. Old Man Pierson and Mr. Mitchell raise a coconut cup in toast (Get it?) and then they both throw them at Cecil. Everyone, including Binky and Sir prepare for the imminent destruction of their beloved city. The nerdy binome with taped up glasses even makes a move on Princess Bula, true love. ;)
Two old buddies

Mouse and Ray share a long kiss, and Dot and Bob look out over the city, along with Matrix and Andraia. Everything goes black.
Bob and Dot






The sound of something whirring to life, a CPU. The darkness is broken through by the crackling of electricity and the light of the circuits glowing to life. The system is being restored.

Mainframe Reboots A light shines down on the P.O., and from that light drops a new Office, brand new, no viral traces anywhere. Sparkling and light travels along every inch, as new sectors drop down, each into its new place. The energy sea returns, and the Principle Office sends a beam into the sky. The sky glows with a brilliant yellow. Buildings returns, and everyone looks in amazement as the sky returns to the familiar blue and a new subshpere emerges from the top of the P.O.
The city is alive again. Kits, Baudway, G-Prime, the P.O...all back.

Kits Frisket greets Phong happily, and Phong yells for joy, "Thank the user, we're saved!"
Binomes start appearing, deleted binomes. A young boy's parents return, but the young girl's don't appear. Viral binomes who appeared are converted to normal, and the Tor vanishes in a bright green light. The Viral commander is returned, and he spouts, "Great Norton's ghost!" Hex seems to be scanned by something, but it leaves her alone.
The young girl watches as her father is converted from viral mode, and they reunite. Everyone is happy. Hack and Slash marvel in the beauty of the system, and Captain Capacitor says that he has never seen the like before.
Mouse finally lets Ray go, both are breathless. Matrix lifts Andraia high in the air in joy, While Bob and Dot finally get to share the kiss they have been meaning to do for a long time. Phong snaps a photo, and Dot tells Bob to never leave her again, and he promises not to.

Hex is scanned Dot's
Bob and Dot...Finally! Mainframe

Bob spins around as someone yells his name, he is tackled by a young sprite, who has the name "Enzo" on his back. Enzo starts talking to Bob, commenting on his new hair and costume. They all look in amazement at Matrix, who's icon is still in game sprite mode. He wasn't considered in the restoring process. Enzo turns to him too, and says,"Hey, who's the big ugly green guy?"
Look out Bob!What the heck?Uh oh...A happy ending..strange, but happy!


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