Season 3
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All Episode synopsis for Season 3 were written by Chris Hyduk, the pictures are his (not mine), but his reboot website is down and will not be put up again :-(. You can email him here. If it wasn't for him this won't be possible... Thanx Chris :)
I have edited SOME html files (not text, just the layout)

The First Story Arc

To Mend & Defend -V. 3.1.1-
Between a Racoon & a Hard Place -V. 3.1.2-
Firewall -V. 3.1.3-
Game over -V. 3.1.4-

The Second Story Arc

Icons -V. 3.2.1-
Where no Sprite Has Gone Before -V. 3.2.2-
Number 7 -V. 3.2.3-
The Episode with no Name -V. 3.2.4-

The Third Story Arc

Return of the Crimson Binome -V. 3.3.1-
The Edge of Beyond -V. 3.3.2-
Web Riders on the Storm -V. 3.3.3-
Mousetrap -V. 3.3.4-

The Fourth Story Arc

Megaframe -V. 3.4.1-
Showdown -V. 3.4.2-
System Crash -V. 3.4.3-
End Prog. -V. 3.4.4-

Will there be a Season 4? Actually there is, please see my Season4 section