Number 7


By Chris Hyduk

First Aired: October 1st, 1997

Game: Fairway Frolics

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Memorable Quote: "I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, briefed, debriefed,or numbered...My life is my own! You won't hold me!!"

7th episode of season 3
This episode opens innocently enough. With Matrix and Andraia is a large spherical system, filled with an array of large satellite dishes. They ride the elevator to the top as a game descends on them, but Matrix seems less than enthusiastic. They have been trying to leave this system for a while, but the user continues to put them right back. They don't have enough time to think, because the cube lands on them.

Inside the game, they can see that it is a golf game, and apparently one that they have been in many times before. They stand and look around, but Matrix is stunned when he looks down over the hill. He sees Mainframe, everything as perfect and serene as it had been when he was younger. He is astonished, but Andraia tells him that it couldn't be Mainframe, they are in a game, and it wouldn't work. Matrix doesn't want to believe her, but he has no choice, he looks up, saying that none of his friends or family are there, and that it couldn't be Mainframe. Right after he says this, Hack and Slash fly by, being chased by none other than Bob and Dot! Matrix can't believe what he is seeing, they watch as Bob catches Hack and Slash, and politely asks them to assume the position, he then turns Glitch (Which is working) into quite a large golf club, which he misuses on Hack and Slash's back sides. They then receive an urgent message from Phong, telling them to come to the Principle office.

Matrix is shocked at what he had just seen, was this a game? He tells Andraia that he doesn't want to reboot, for fear that he may turn into little Enzo. He says that he doesn't want to become that again, but Andraia insists that they have to find out, so they all reboot together, and something shocking, disturbing, and freakish happens...

They reboot into Megabyte, Hexadecimal, and Scuzzy.

I told you it was shocking! They stand there, looking at themselves. Meanwhile, at the Principle office, Phong tells Bob and Dot that Megabyte and Hex have joined forces, and that they must be plotting something. They realize that whenever they team up, Megabyte's greed, or Hex's chaos, end up ruining their schemes. They talk about how they must keep "Number 1" away from Megabyte, at all costs...
At the Tor, Matrix sits in his chair, legs detached, he says that it feels weird. They watch the conversation from the Principle office in Scuzzy/Frisket's head dome. Hack and Slash show up, until Matrix yells at them, in Megabyte's voice, and scares them away. Matrix decides to go and try to find this Number 1, and he leaves.

The Following sequence is a take off of the opening titles to the 1960's British program, "The Prisoner" Bwahaha! I told you! I told you all! Right from the start!...Ahem, anyways, the music is placed in, and Matrix rides around on some kind of Mega-bike, the same one he had in "Game Over, v3.1.4" He shows up at the Principle office, and slams his hand on a table, rattling a cup of tea, just like in the Prisoner. Now, fans of that show who saw the final episode of the Prisoner probably already know what's going to happen!

Megabyte/Matrix gets wasted He tells Bob and Dot that he is Enzo, but they don't believe him. Matrix says that he wants to see Number 1, and Bob starts blasting him with an energy beam, saying that he's only after Number 1. They decide to file him away, and a vidwindow pops up, with Megabyte's face on it. A series of "X"'s slam across it. (Once again, the Prisoner, in the intro, it showed Patrick McGoohan's face being stamped with X's.) Dot says, "Be seeing you!", and a large clamp comes down, and carries Matrix away to some giant filling cabinets. He starts yelling, "I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, briefed, debriefed, or numbered...My life is my own! You won't hold me!!" He eventually infects the clamp, and breaks free.

This is his fate...?A jolly ride!

Odd things are about... At the Tor, Andraia is having fun with Hex's masks, trying out different expressions, "Happy, Sad, Happy, Sad...". Matrix rides in, and she says, "Nice Bike". He replies with, "What is it with you and bikes?". Matrix tells her that he's going to see Number 1...even if it means DELETING EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM!! They ride straight towards where Number 1 is being kept, Dot's Diner. They both crash through the front, but only Matrix enters. He looks around, Mike the TV and Cecil are on a teeter totter looking into monitors (The Prisoner, again!) Here comes the judge.. There is also a jury of masked binomes, and Dot standing there. (Okay, this entire room is from the last episode of The Prisoner, and this scene is a takeoff of his trial proceeding his meeting Number 1.) The jury starts singing a nifty little tune, and Bob, as a judge appears. Dot reads out the list of charges to the court, and Matrix can't deny them. He is accused of becoming what he hates, a virus. He is judged guilty, but not before Hack and Slash give their testimony, "He's a bad man" (They are singing the same song the top-hat wearing guy in the Prisoner wore in an identical scene!) Bob judges him to be exectuted, and Matrix makes one more appeal to Dot, only to be met with anger. He grabs Dot, and she vanishes, He slams his hand out, and the entire court disappears. He is alone, with a light shining down on him. Andraia appears behind him, telling him that she has figured it out. She vanishes into a million masks, all telling him that they have figured it out.

His true self...He Only looks out for Number one..
The original... Matrix demands to see Number 1, and a vidwindow appears. Inside it is his reflection. It starts talking to him, as Megabyte, telling him that he is hate, and that he is what he hates. Matrix smashes it, and he becomes back to normal. In the window, he sees himself, and his reflection tells him that he doesn't truly love, and he never could. Matrix takes his gun, and blasts the mirror. Finally, he confronts the true Number 1, Enzo, the original, "01". He says that he is no longer a part of him, and accuses him of forgetting his family. He has become a Prisoner of the game, "What would Bob think of you now?", Matrix looks down, "Bob..".

Enzo vs. EnzoThere can be only one..
The young Enzo holds a golfball up to him eye, and says, "There can be only one", then he tosses it into the air, and becomes quite large. It engulfs him, and we see his face straining to get out. (Rover, a large balloon that engulfed people, was what guarded the village in the Prisoner)

Matrix looks around, he is lying on a golf course with Andraia looking down at him. He had been hit in the head with a golf ball, and had been knocked unconscious. It had all been a dream, and he was in a game called "Fairway Frolics" (The User is a little Golf-Playing Tiger, A reference to Tiger Woods!) Matrix stands up, and tells his gun to load. He says that its time to really begin searching for Bob, and Mainframe. He looks at the screen, and it zooms into his eye as he says, "Be Seeing You".


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