The Episode with No Name


By Chris Hyduk

First Aired: October 8th, 1997

Game: NONE!!!

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The City

Port to the Net This episode open above a city, a large Arabian styled system with a giant tear surrounded by floating devices. (The city is shaped like the Microsoft Natural keyboard!) A game (with a new Arabic game-voice) deposites Matrix and Andraia in a town square near a statue of a binome with his leg on a rock. They seem to be the only ones there, no one else is in the deserted square.

The crowded city Suddenly, (With the help of a fly back camera shot) it is revealed to be an extremely bustling city, with creatures of all shapes and sizes! (Notice, if you will, that many of the creatures resemble creatures from the Star Wars Special Edition release, including several Storm Trooper binomes!) Matrix checks Glitch, and is excited at what he finds out. They have finally found a system with open ports to the net! They can go home!

They are approached by a little binome with a long overcoat, a very suspicious looking little fellow. He appologizes for disturbing him, reffering to him as a Guardian. Matrix goes to check glitch again, but finds it missing. He gets a lock on the binome with his "Magic Eye" and starts pursuit. His chase takes him to the rooftops of the city, and in quite an acrobatic performance

, he tracks the little guy to a bar. He stole Glitch, It's clobberin' time!(The bar is called the Sibedar, or something to that effect!) He walks in, and everybody freezes. Matrix calmly walks through the bar, past the binome who took his keytool. An I/O shot please He goes up to the bar and orders a shot of I/0, he notices that the bartender is terrified of him. He hears a rattling from behind him, the rattling of a scared little binome. He tells him that he wants glitch back, but the binome denies taking it. Matrix gives the command, "Glitch: homing signal" and the binomes coat starts to beep. Matrix turns around to the sound of drawn weapons. Several large creatures have joined the small binome, with what appears to be battle axes! He says they can do this the easy way, or his way. He tell his gun to target, and it complies. Floating away from Matrix, the gun targets everyone in the bar. Matrix gives it another command, Death Blossom, (Similar to Death Blossom from The Last Starfighter) and it begins to rapidly spin around, keeping a constant lock on everybody. The binome slides glitch over to Matrix. Matrix then says that he wants everybody out, so he can drink his I/0 in peace.

Files and Data, Red Apples In the marketplace, Andraia has wanted to do some shopping, and was confronted by swarms of binomes seeling everything from "Red Apples" to outfit upgrades, to who-knows-what! Andraia decides not to do anymore shopping, and she strolls away.
After Andraia leaves, a blast from the skys crashes into the street, and several guardians emerge from the wreckage. They look around, and start trashing the place.

The Guardians On the docks of the system, a metallic sprite (Who looks suspiciously like Dot, kind of like Backup from v3.2.1) She is mopping the deck of a small ship, (The side of the ship says IMAX on it, a reference to the IMAX Reboot Ridefilms)complaining that her passengers shouldn't "vomit" (Seriously, she says this!) Andraia walks over, and asks if she can book transport. She is informed that the guardians have restricted net travel, and she needs codes for her to leave the system. Andraia asks her what format she is, and she replies, "Search Engine".
Maxine, The Search Engine

Matrix meets an old friend In the bar, Matrix is interupted by something. He tells whoever it is that they must have a deletion wish. A familiar voice responds, saying that he is looking for Bob. Matrix turns, and a shadowy figure emerges from the corner of the room. Matrix says that he's looking for Bob too. The shadowy figure identifies Turbo.
Matrix jumps up, and Turbo uses his keytool to entwine Matrix in an energy field. Matrix tells Turbo that he ruined his life. He says that Turbo tried to destroy Mainframe. Turbo seems surprised, "Mainframe? What's your name son?". He teels him that he can call him Matrix, and Turbo knows that this is Enzo. He dissables the energy field. He says that he was looking for Bob, to warn him about something. He is interupted by someone yelling, "Hey, You in the Bar!" and gun fire blasting away bottles. Turbo They dive under the bar, and wait to return fire. Turbo and Matrix yell out to the shooters, "Do your drones have personality chips?" when they say no, Matrix and Turbo begin blasting the drones, until none are left. Turbo tells Matrix that he was going to warn him about them. A virus, has infected the guardians, When Matrix says, "Megabyte?" Turbo says no, a super virus that calls itself "Daemon". Turbo is strong and has been able to fight it, but Daemon knows that there are only two uninfected Guardians left. Matrix, and Bob. (NOTE: This is the beginning of something, something BIG!)

Andraia sees gunfire, and immediately knows that Matrix is involved. She takes of in the direction of the commotion.
The viral guardian's leader, a female guardian who appears to be wearing hockey equipment, is talking to the little binome. She wanted him to take care of the keytool, but he says it was broken anyways. He also says that if they get Andraia and Frisket, it will lure Matrix out of the bar.
Andraia finds herself confronted by the virals, but she only smiles and looks at Frisket.
Frisket gets rid of the paparazzi In the bar, Matrix hears a warning that the virals have Andraia and Frisket, but Matrix just smiles, and watches the video monitor get ripped apart by Frisket.

It's a fight......Old West style!
Andraia shows up in and alley, the only viral left is the leader. Frisket wants to know if her drone has a personality chip, and the drone freaks out and takes off. Frisket looks EXTREMELY dissappointed, and lays down, scratching the ground. Andraia and the Viral leader are in a mexican standoff (Very much like an old west gunfight, "The Bullet with No Name") They remain locked in a stare, Andraia readies her spines, while the viral prepares to grab her gun. After a long and tense pause, The viral goes for her gun. She fires, only to have her shots deflected by Andraia's fins. Andraia fires off her spines, which embed themselves in the virals neck. (REAL BLOOD!!!) Andraia has won.

Matrix is talking with Turbo in the bar, and we learn for the first time that the Web creature was actually sent by Daemon, and that it was her that wanted Mainframe destroyed. He also learns that game time is different, and he should only actually be 11, not very old at all! When he gets back, there is still a chance to save Mainframe. Turbo has tried to help as much as he can, and says that he must find a tear. Matrix looks around, and shoots a coffee pot, revealing a tear. Turbo stablizes it, and bids his farewell, saying that he can do more good where he is, as long as he keeps fighting the infection. After he leaves, Andraia shows up, and they discuss transport out of the system. Matrix tells glitch to scan for ships that can take them to Mainframe. He is alarmed when it finds something right behind him. He turns, and is greeted by another familiar character, whose theme music begins playing in the back. At the door of the bar, is none other than the Crimson Binome, Captain Capacitor.
Captain Gavin


NOTE: This is the end of the second story arc, the next one will deal with Matrix and Andraia stepping up their attempts to enter the web.

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