Where No Sprite Has Gone Before


By Chris Hyduk

First Aired: September 24th, 1997

Game: NONE!!!

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Memorable Quote: "We...Mustn't...Fight amongst...Ourselves!"

Attention Star Trek Fans!!

This Episode was written by D.C. Fontana, writer of such famous Star Trek episodes as "Tomorrow is Yesterday", "Encounter at Farpoint" and "Dax"!! (TOS, TNG, DS9)

This episode opens with Matrix, Andraia, and Frisket emerging from a game to land in a new (And Very Shiny) system. They are about to go about exploring, when they are startled by a skirmish going on in the air above them. Two distinct forces are visible: A group of Sprites, some on zipboards, others flying on their own. The other group appears to be balls of energy, who are being pursued by the sprites.

Matrix takes aim at one of the balls, but is stopped by Andraia, who tells him that they should wait and see whos side they are on. The sprites leader, who the others identify as "Rob", flys into view, and Matrix is taken aback. "Bob", Matrix says to himself, as they observe the sprites capture the two floating balls, and then come to a landing nearby. Matrix pulls his rather large weapon on Cursor, and Cursor pulls out his own weapon. (A Lightsaber!! Luke's I believe!) The leader introduces himself as Captain Robert Cursor, leader of the Hero Selective. (Cursor looks just like Bob, and he talks JUST like William Shatner!) He offers to take them back to the "Hard Drive" to tell them what's going on.

They arrive at the heroes base, (which resembles the Batcave, no REALLY!) We learn some of the Heroes names: Pixel, Gigagirl, Power Lock, and several others. (Including one who resembles the Mask, and even talks like Jim Carrey!) Power Lock doesn't seem to friendly towards them, but Cursor wants to explain. He tells Matrix and Andraia that they are deliberately losing games, to make the energy beings, called Spectrols, take notice and listen to their demands. They were once Spectrols, but volenteered to be converted into Sprites to fight for the system in the games. They say that they want to become Spectrols again, but the two Spectrols they have captured do not want to believe them, and tell them that they must continue to defend the system.

The group begins to talk, and while they do, Andraia sets the Spectrols free. Power Lock gets overly mad at this, and advances on Andraia. Matrix stops him, and Andraia manages to pull a groovy stunt where she vanishes, without a trace. The Heroes now have to go out and find some more hostages, they leave, and Matrix stays behind. He tells Andraia that she can come out now, and she leaps to the floor in front of him. They argue, and Andraia wants Matrix to realize that Cursor isn't Bob, and that what she did was right. She storms out to find the Spectrols, and help them. Matrix and Andraia are now on opposite sides of the battle.

Andraia manages to find some Spectrols, and they take her to the Principle Office. One of the Spectrols there is very hostile towards Andraia, saying that she is destroying the system, and that she is responsible for all the tears that are occuring through the system. She realizes that there are many tears, and she wants them to take her to one in particular.
The Heroes return, and Matrix has a talk with Cursor. He reveals that they would never do anything to damage the system. Matrix looks at glitch, and says that they're going on a hunt.

The Spectrols take Andraia to the tear, which they promptly repair (Andraia has a tool on her belt, which is a replica of a Tricorder from Star Trek, The Original Series!) Andraia tells them that these tears are being created artificially, and Matrix shows up with the Heroes, who agree that there is a virus among them. Matrix tries to use Glitch to scan, but he is attacked, first by one green Spectral, The same angry one who harrassed Andraia, and then by the rest of them.This sets off fight between the two factions, and Cursor and the Spectral leader fly off. The two leaders decide to end it, and they give orders to stop fighting.

Matrix tells them that the virus may be using a cloaking device, and he scans them all. It turns out, that the virus is the green, angry Spectral (SURPRISE!) Matrix fires some shots at it, but the Virus is captured by one of the Heroes freezing him. Before he vanishes, he says that his brother is going to crash the system, and that they are all doomed. They discover that the software creating the tears is being run from the Principle Office, so they head over to it.

When they arrive, they find Frisket growling at Power Lock, who is fending him off with a chair. Matrix calls him off, and with the help of Frisket, he deduces that Power Lock is the other virus. (SURPRISE #2!!) The virus tells them to get back, or he will push the button, and crash the system. (The button says "Do Not Press") The Spectrol leader attacks Power Lock, and he shoots out a ceiling panel. The panel is about to fall on Matrix, but Cursor leaps in, and pushes Matrix out of the way, only to become trapped under the platform.

Matrix Blows Power Lock away, and then goes over to Cursor. (Here they re-enact the "Kirk Death Scene" from Star Trek, Generations!) Cursor says some touching last words to Matrix (This time from Star Trek 2, Spocks death scene!..."System, out of danger?"). Andraia tells Matrix that he wasn't Bob, but he says that he was a friend. The Spectrol leader says that hopefully the end of all their prejudices is near, if not now, then in The Next Generation.


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