By Chris hyduk

First Aired: January 10th, 1998

Game: None!!

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The ABCs The lives of the binomes of Mainframe have been shattered. They now live in holes in the walls of old buildings, and eats beans from little cans with their hands. They don't even seem shocked when the large tear opens above the Principle Office, they don't see it as anything out of the ordinary. They do, however, realize that something is up when a swarm of ABCs encircle the tear, defending it from any rebel attacks.

Megabyte is pleased, he will soon be able to escape this dying system, as soon as he gets the codes from Phong's head. Phong is still resisting, and tells Megabyte that he will never win. Megabyte wonders who will stop him. Bob? and his pathetic resistant? He doesn't think so!

Dot watches the rebels attack Meanwhile, outside, some of this "pathetic resistance" has put a plan into action. The Saucy Mare rises out of the energy sea, and begins a run at the group of ABCs. The viral commander says that they are commiting suicide. The ABCs fire on the Mare, naturally, but many of them miss the ship. The ones that do hit however, set off the large amout of explosives that are in the ship, causing it to begin exploding. The burning, exploding ship continues on it's course, quickly destroying the ABCs. The Mare then fireballs into the sea, leaving the captain feeling horrible. He says that he will rally his men and follow Andraia to battle, the Mare will not go down in vain!

Bob gets tied up Matrix and Mouse are right outside of the Principle Office, they see the signal (The Mare) and give the command to attack. The rebels storm the sphere, while Dot looks on. She wishes she could be there, and wonders where Bob is.
Bob is still in Hex's lair, tied up, in a rather comfortable looking chair. Hex seems surprised that Bob is still there, and approaches him, asking him

Megabyte gets what's coming to him The troops are taking out the P.O.'s defences with ease, but Matrix and Mouse get pinned down by a gunner. The gunner is about to fire on them, when Andraia's sea-star nails the viral gunner in the neck. Matrix and Andraia go to save Phong, and stop Megabyte.
Megabyte is still gloating to Phong, threatening him with the use of hideous looking implements if he doesn't reveal the codes. The doctor is about to put some kind of injection into Phong, when another binome alerts them that rebel forces have entered the building. Matrix and Andraia find the door to where Megabyte is, and Matrix knows that he has to go alone. He promises to come back to her.

At Hex's lair, she and Bob are having a grand old time. She offers Bob a biscuit and some tea. Bob tells her they need to talk, but Hex isn't sure of whether she should talk to him, or kill him.

They square off Matrix finds where Phong is, and scares away Heir Doctor and his Igor-esque sidekick. He then tries talking to Phong, who is exhausted. Matrix asks Phong where Megabyte is, and Phong tries to tell him that he's RIGHT BEHIND HIM! Matrix spins and gets out of the way in the nick of time, as Megabyte's claws come within an inch of him. Megabyte recognizes him as Enzo, and starts commenting on his new toy. He treats him like a small child. Megabyte wants Matrix to put his gun away and fight him like a real sprite, so Matrix does. He tosses the gun away, and starts walking towards Megabyte, who has his hands on his hips, not fearing what this "boy" can do. Matrix hits Megabyte, hard, knocking him across the room, and denting him. Megabyte has never been damaged before, he looks down in shock at his injury. Matrix continues to advance, and knocks Megabyte through a wall, all the while Phong is trying to keep the device from extracting the codes.

Who will win? Matrix pummels Megabyte, but his hand is caught in Megabyte's grip, and is threatened by his claws. Megabyte doesn't fight fair, he asks where Matrix's sister is now, or his firewall, he says he will enjoy this, as he raises his claw to strike. Suddenly, Andraia yells out, "Matrix, catch!" and her trident comes flying through the air, embedding itself in the wall. While Megabyte is distracted, Matrix grabs it. During this, the final part of code is extracted from Phong's head, Megabyte can now make his portal.

Megabyte is happy at this development.

Bob fixes Hex up, Real Good! Bob is sitting down for a nice cup of tea with Hex, he smiles, takes a sip, and then makes a break for it. Hex uses her powers to sit him back down. He tells her he has to help his friends, she wonders why he wants to leave when they have so much catching up to do.
Bob notices her mask, and asks if he can touch it. She isn't sure if he wants him to, and tells him that she's afraid. He tells her, "Don't be", and pulls her close. He lifts his hand to her mask, and gently starts to Blast her face with some kind of beam.

Megabyte is injured Matrix and Megabyte are having quite a battle, Matrix with the trident, and Megabyte with his big metal railing. They are on a tall spiralling staircase, and Megabyte is about to nail Matrix with the railing, when he gets a sharp pain in his abdominal region, mainly due to the fact the Matrix has stabbed him with the trident there. Megabyte now has quite a large wound, and his circuit-like cyber guts can be seen. He says that Matrix is an anoyance, and knocks a large piece of the roof loose. this chunk slides down, and Matrix just manages to leap off it before it goes over the edge.

Hex? A good guy? Sweet heavenly %*@!! Hexadecimal's screaming is alarming the nulls. Bob stop the energy bean, and she covers her face. Which is to say, her "face", and not her "mask". She now has a face, with eyelashes, and a stable personality. Bob asks her how she is feeling, and she replies that for the first time, she feels...whole.

Bob asks, "Hex, could you.."

But she interupts him, "For you Bob, anything." and he shimmers and vanishes.

behind you.. SMACK! BIFF!

Megabyte emerges on the roof of the Office, and says that now he will convert the tear and escape this system. Matrix comes up behind him, "I don't think so!"
They struggle for a while, and Megabyte hits him across the length of the dome. As Matrix lies on the ground, Megabyte walks up behind him and kicks him squarely in the back, knocking him even farther along the roof. He continues, relentless, and kicks Matrix in the face, sending him to the edge of the roof, about to fall into the gaping hole below. Matrix closes his eyes, he is motionless, and a clanging of metal feet can be heard.

Mega Bad News! Megabyte looms over Matrix's body, one foot up. He draws out his claws, one by one. And raises his arm above his head. Just as he strikes, Matrix rolls out of the way, and slowly gets up as Megabyte has his claws stuck in the roof. Then, Matrix starts to play the game with Megabyte's rules. He begins punching him in his damaged area, repeatedly, and it is obvious that Megabyte is in a lot of pain. Matrix looks at Megabyte, and pulls out the trident. They clash, and Megabyte's claws are shattered as the trident smashes through them.

Megabyte falls.

Matrix looks down at the body of the virus. He has the trident over Megabyte's head. Megabyte tells him that he can't do it, it goes against everything that Matrix stands for.

Is this the end, of Virus Megabyte? Matrix says, "You took away my life, destroyed my home, caused nothing but pain and suffering to everyone I held dear.", he raises the trident, and smashes it down.
It is stuck in the roof beside Megabyte's head.
"Surprised? Don't be, you're not worth it. Mainframe will always endure, remember this defeat, this humiliation. Remember you can never win."

Megabyte flips over the edge and lands on a platform, and tells Matrix to remember how he left him with a dying system. He activates the codes, and opens the portal to the super-computer. He begins to walk towards it, it looks like he has finally did it.

He's gonna go in!

But Mouse has other plans. From inside the Principle Office, she hacks into the portal, and changes it. Just as Megabyte's hand enters the portal, it transforms into a portal to the Web. Megabyte is grabbed by some tendrils, and is pulled into the portal. He's gone.

As the portal closes, Ray Tracer (Everybody's favourite Web Surfer!) surfs up.
"G'Day Mates!" He says, "Who was that guy? He seemed a bit miffed!"
A moment later, Bob appears, as casually as ever, he asks "So, What did I miss?"

The Web takes Megabyte in So Long! It's been a trip!

Then the ground starts shaking, and buildings start to fall over. Bob exclaims, "The system, it's shutting down! This is bad!", and Matrix finishes for him, "Very Bad!".

This is bad...


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