By Chris Hyduk

First Aired: September 3rd, 1997

Game: Santa Chase, Mini-Wacky Races

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Memorable Quote: "Matrix, Guardian Matrix" (In Bond Outfit)

Okay, First off, Remember those wonderfully familiar Opening credits that we've all come to get used to? Well, Those aren't here right now! Ha! So There! Now, get ready, for FIREWALL!!


Two suspicious snowmen...

Things start off nicely enough, with a merry old Santa Claus happily skiing down a mountain, But as he passes two suspicious looking snowmen, things go downhill! (I know, I know! So sue me!) The two snowmen give chase, and one fires a snowball right into poor old St. Nick's face! The snowman then tells the other to cut Santa off, The two snowmen are Enzo and Andraia! They give chase, and launch Santa off of a cliff, but Santa was prepared for this, and he deploys his special Christmas ornament parachute. Enzo was also anticipating this, and he launches a large icicle into his chute, causing him to plummit to his snowy demise...
Enzo gets Santa's attention!


That's Right! song cue! HA!


Fire, See it burning in the skys
A deadly flame that nullifies
Will the city stand or fall?

Fire, See it burning in his eyes
It's the flame that never dies
Burning brighter than them all
Like a Firewall

Which fate is his Master?
Which path will he choose?
Success or Dissaster?
To Win or, To Lose

Guardian, He's a hero to the End
His code to Mend and Defend
When evil stands to Conquer all
His only hope, A Firewall

Hex's Masks

A Firewall


A Firewall


A Firewall

Megabyte: T2 Style!

Note: Megabyte appears at the end, very similar to the Terminator at the beginning of Terminator 2!

Megabyte gives Enzo a rough time After all that, the game ends, and Andraia and Enzo celebrate, but are soon confronted by Megabyte and his thugs, they rough Enzo up a bit, and tell him to give Dot a message.
Andraia later tells Dot that Megabyte will be attacking the defenseless citizens outside of the Priciple office's shield, and that they will suffer. Enzo wants to give up, saying that he's just Megabyte's messenger, and that no one should humour his guardian programming. Mouse begins talking about how Megabyte has beaten them with words, and she's glad that Bob isn't around to see it. Her plan works, and Enzo snaps out of it, saying that Bob wouldn't hide while others suffered. Enzo says that they should find a way to lock Megabyte up, so that they can buy some time. Phong and Mouse further the notion by suggesting a Firewall, that could be put around Sector G-Prime, sealing Megabyte in.

Hex is MAD!!!! Meanwhile, Back at Megabyte's headquarters, he is having a little chat with Hexadecimal. She plays possum, but Megabyte calls her bluff with a jolt to her restraining collar. She screams, and threatens that the only thing that keeps her "sane" is thinking about what she's going to do to Megabyte when she gets free. Megabyte ignores her, and orders that she be transported elsewhere, and the doctor start yelling "ready weapon Hexadecimal for battle".

Hex plans...
Back at good guy central, Dot and Mouse take an elevator down to a sub-sub-basement, where binomes in labcoats are testing all manner of devices. They meet a binome hamed Hugh, (Q, from the James Bond movies!) He gives them the lowdown on the firewall, but just then, a game drops, and they know that Enzo will head for it.
They're right. Inside the game, they're in some kind of bedroom, and they're on the final level of a race game. Oh yeah, one other thing, They're only about an inch high!! Just then, they're confronted by a group of angry binomes, who are led by Sirus. The mob circle Enzo and he get's nailed by a baby's doll.
Outside the game, Mouse is preparing to leave, she has to drop special pods all around G-Prime, she says that it should be no problem.
Matrix, Guardian Matrix! Anyways, Enzo reboots into a James Bond style character, and Andraia, once again into a biker. They get Sirus to reboot, and he turns into Dick Dastardly, and Frisket into Muttley. To make a long story short, they battle a Dinosaur skeleton, straight out of Jurassic Park, They are held up by a police chase going on (The cops are chasing a white Ford Bronco, hmmm...) and Enzo manages to beat the user with the help of Sirus, who's life he saved from the dinosaur. And Sirus in turn, saves Enzo from a nasty fall. (This is witnessed by the Indian in the Cupboard!) They leave the game with a new friend in Sirus, and Enzo with a new found sense of importance. But, they are welcomed by Megabyte, and Hex, who is now attached to a large vehicle of some kind, and doesn't look happy. Megabyte gets quite mad at Sirus, But just then, Mouse sweeps in and drops the pods. Dot tells Enzo that it's all up to him. He looks at glitch, and gives the command, "Firewall!". Bursts of red flame shoot up, surrounding G-Prime, and completely incasing Megabyte inside, but not before Hack and Slash grab Sirus and pull him in.

Sirus Sirus and Frisket

Inside the Firewall, Hex finds it ammusing that Megabyte, the jailor, has now become the prisoner. (She makes a quote from "Send in The Clowns") Enzo and the rest rejoice, as they have won a major battle against Megabyte.


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