Season 4
Please note that there may be some errors in the script (sorry I haven't had the chance to format it, but I will once I get the chance) You can put them on your site, but please leave the text file the same unless you have some corrections. For now, you can should read them in notepad (go to view>>source) then in notepad go to edit>>word wrap. I've cut the crap and got straight to the point on these scripts. Enjoy!

Daemon Rising

4.01 Daemon Rising
4.02 Cross Nodes
4.03 What's love got to do w/it
4.04 File Not Found...I mean "Sacrifice"

My Two Bobs

4.05 My Two Bobs
4.06 Life's a Glitch
4.07 Null-Bot of the Bride
4.08 Crouching Binome Hidden Virus