Tripod's the best free web host (20 MB space and free FTP server use). (I switched over from GeoCities to Tripod because of this)

Free weblog (You can also use it for site updates if your site has FTP). Just hit 'post' and your done!

It's got most of the webtools you need: your own webring, email forms, online polls, guestbook... "All that and more FREE for only-" Shut up!

Dynamic Drive
Lot's of cool scripts for newbies and experts alike. The code for the text around your cursor was taken from here. Lots of other neat effects (don't overdo it with the effects though)

I got this voting booth off Bravenet.

Enter w/IE 5+

This site won't be updated until new ReBoot episodes air again
~posted: 1:57 AM


Hey look I changed the splash image, i had help from the tutorial, it doesn't look too bad right?
~posted: 3:12 PM


This is will stay up here as long as Tripod doesn't delete it, I don't think I'll have any more time to work on this site or maybe everybody just lost interest, it doesn't matter I had fun making this site....
~posted: 9:02 PM


Sorry ppl, i don't really update much, but there's nothing to update... I seriously need a new computer tho, this 3 year old comp. isn't cutting it.... maybe i'll put up another editted wallpaper with the calendar removed.
~posted: 6:16 PM


Alright! I've finally decided to use blogger to do my updating for this front page...
~posted: 1:44 PM


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